10 Best Ice Rollers to Refresh and Depuff Your Face



Today’s beauty world is constantly evolving with an endless supply of skincare tools. And for us beauty buffs who feel the need to try all the tantalizing products and nifty gadgets, our cabinets are probably full of gua sha stones, jade rollers, micro-current massagers and even LED face masks. , all of which help sculpt and firm the skin, ultimately providing a natural alternative to more invasive procedures. However, one of the most popular skin care tools that has been getting a lot of attention lately doesn’t belong in a vanity or a makeup cabinet, but actually resides in the cool temperatures of a freezer. Her name? Ice roller, a fairly intuitive title given that ice rollers are cooled tools that are rolled or massaged onto the skin.

The cold temperature of an ice roller helps deflate swollen and inflamed skin, often due to factors such as sleeping on your face overnight. They also help move excess lymph fluid and provide gentle relief for sunburn sufferers. When massaged into the skin, ice rollers help combat these issues by constricting blood vessels, leaving skin looking revitalized. Just as you would apply an ice pack to an injury to reduce swelling, the same concept applies when using an ice roller. So whether you’re trying to minimize the appearance of under-eye puffiness or firm skin for a rejuvenated look, we’ve got a list of ice rollers to help soothe your face.

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Double Ended Cryo Skin Icing Roller

This double-ended Cryo Roller is perfect for adapting to all surfaces of your face. Use the small end to massage the soft area of ​​skin under your eyes and the large end to deflate your cheeks, forehead and chin.


CRYOpress surface roller

This editor-approved skincare gadget is one of a kind. For best results, apply your favorite serum, oil or moisturizer and gently roll the CRYOpress Face Roller over your dace for the ultimate spa feeling.


Baby magic globes

These aren’t average-looking ice cream rollers, but according to Tracee Ellis Ross, they work magic. Ross says she uses these bright blue globes in her skincare routine to keep her skin taut and flawless. Want to try? After removing the Baby Magic Globes from the freezer, be sure to gently massage them onto your face in a rolling motion.


IceCoolie Facial Roller

The brand name says it all. Skin Gym’s IceCoolie Facial Roller essentially gives your face a workout, toning skin and smoothing fine lines with every roller.


Eco-Friendly Lifting Face Roller

If you need a deep tissue massage, the eco-friendly lifting facial roller gets the job done. In addition to being used as an ice roller, the beaded rollers at the tip of this tool also help relieve tension and promote lymphatic drainage.


Apogee Ice Roller

Heyday’s Ice Roller is specially designed to target inflammation caused by breakouts. After each use, be sure to clean this ice roller with soap and water so you don’t spread bacteria from your rashes.


kitsch facial ice roller

One of the most attractive aspects of the Kitsch Ice Roller is that it is made of stainless steel, which provides a pleasant cooling sensation during application.


Plum Beauty Refreshing Facial Roller

Summer is right around the corner, which for some of us means sunburn is inevitably in sight. For the best post-sunburn treatment, use Plum Beauty’s Cooling Facial Roller to calm irritated skin after a long day in the sun.


Professional facial ice roller

This versatile ice roller can be used on your face as well as your body, especially to reduce muscle inflammation after intense workouts.


ESARORA Face & Eye Ice Roller, Pockets

Worried that the handle of your ice cream roller is too cold? This detachable part allows you to store the roller head separately in the freezer, while keeping the handle at room temperature.

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