10 Best Tech Organizers to Store and Protect Your Gadgets


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  • Tech organizers help you neatly store and organize your gadgets and accessories.
  • A dedicated case for your personal gear makes it easy to travel, whether for work or vacation.
  • If you’re worried about losing it, place a Tile or Apple AirTag tracker on it.

Whether you’re traveling for fun or commuting to work or school, staying connected is a no-brainer. And staying connected probably means more to you than just carrying around a smartphone or laptop, but also cords, cables, headphones and other miscellaneous accessories.

When it comes to electronics and everyday carry, a tech storage bag helps keep your tech valuables safe, tidy, and easy to manage while on the go. More things to fish from the bottom of your bag and more loaders that go MIA. When things have their place, it’s that much more convenient to remember where they are and grab what you need, when you need it.

If this level of organization piques your interest, we’ve rounded up our favorite tech storage bags that will tidy up any setup, whether it’s a few cables or a full mobile workstation. .

What to Look for in a Tech Organizer

Everyone has different storage needs, so take stock of your needs and buy accordingly. You may end up forgoing an organizer with multiple pockets, loops, and compartments for something simpler and more appropriate. In the case of tech organizer bags, bigger (and usually more expensive) isn’t necessarily better.

For example, as a telecommuter constantly on the go, I appreciate the dedicated compartments and portability. I managed to fit everything I needed into Incase’s Nylon Accessory Organizer, which goes with me wherever my desk is. Beyond a laptop and phone charger, portable hard drive, USB-C and Apple Lightning cables, wireless headphones, and a spare pair of wired headphones, I also bring pens, a pocket notebook, a microfiber cloth and eye drops.

That said, it’s a good idea to keep the overall size in mind. Some soft-sided tech organizer bags can get bulky when filled, and if you’re looking for something that transfers easily from one bag to another – say your daily tote bag to a carry-on – you’ll want to pack all bag and scenario into account.


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