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Lori Melton

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From foldable smartphones and robot vacuums to self-driving vehicles, it seems like there is no end to the ever-growing list of the latest and greatest devices. If you’re not a tech lover yourself, you might get your head spinning as you try to find the best tech gifts for men or the best gifts for gadget lovers on your list. You might even feel overwhelmed by all the cutting edge and high tech devices, model upgrades, apps and streaming services that are constantly flooding the market.

Despite so many options, finding the right tech gadget on your holiday gift list isn’t always that easy. Check out these suggestions if you’re looking for the best tech gift ideas for 2021.

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Control lights, appliances and other devices remotely or at home with this Pack of 6 smart Wi-Fi power outlets. The outlets are easily operated by voice command when connected to Alexa or Google Assistant. Users can also set schedules with the free VeSync app or sync operations with local sunrise and sunset to automatically turn on and off with natural light.

Get it while it’s hot! This clever VSITOO coffee cup warmer will help ensure that the tech lover on your list never takes a sip of cold coffee again – or at least 4-8 hours while traveling, or for an entire day sitting on the loading coaster. Drinkers can adjust the temperature of the drinks to their liking and thanks to the double-layer vacuum insulation, cold drinks also stay cool.

Take gaming and television to an immersive new level using Govee TV LED backlights with your setup. The 1080P smart camera captures the color on the screen and applies the pattern to your TV’s backlight. You can use voice command functions with Alexa or Google Assistant to create even more ambiance with four music modes that activate dancing colors to liven up a party!

Forget listening to the local meteorologist for a weather report. Count on it personal wireless weather station for current temperatures, humidity, a future weather forecast and barometric pressure instead. Stay alert 24/7 and be prepared for all kinds of weather conditions with this useful and accurate device.

These ultra-cool smart bulbs does not require a hub or smart plug to operate. Just download the app, turn the bulbs in place, and connect them with Google Assistant, Alexa, or Microsoft Cortana. Use voice commands to turn them on and off, dim or illuminate them in a wide range of colors. You can even set a lighting schedule to maximize energy efficiency or light up rooms when you’re away.

Tech enthusiasts can track 13 different body measurements with Renpho Body Fat Scale. The versatile wireless device connects to Bluetooth and calculates body weight, BMI,% body fat,% water, skeletal muscle and more. It also tracks fitness progress daily, weekly, monthly and annually. The Renpho app works with popular fitness apps like Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Get a professional tooth cleaning feeling with Oral-B’s IO Series 7 electric toothbrush. The high-tech brush shows red light when brushing too hard and green light for perfect brushing pressure. AI alerts detect missed areas to ensure full coverage, and a visible timer tracks the dentist’s recommended 2-minute brushing time. The device comes with an additional redesigned spare brush head.

Anova caters to home chefs of all skill levels with its smart kitchen gadget Precision Vacuum Cooker (Wi-Fi). Simply attach the range to any pot or container, and it circulates the water at the exact temperature needed for the perfect cooking level for virtually any type of food. It locks in flavor and moisture as food cooks with amazing results. No stove, thermometer or flame required. Cooking couldn’t be easier than this!

Insulated gloves are essential for bundling up to protect against freezing winter temperatures. Technology increases heat with strategically placed heating elements and three temperature settings in Action Heat Women’s 5V Premium Heated Gloves. The wearer’s hands will stay toasty warm for various cold weather outdoor adventures.

Ring offers enhanced home security in a small package with the popular Video doorbell 4. Know who is visiting your front door 24/7, even if you are away. The new HD 1080P model offers enhanced video previews, improved dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 or 5.0 GHz), improved motion detection and extended battery life.

Ultimately, any of these devices should put a smile on the tech buffs on your holiday shopping list.


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