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Wondering what’s new and cool about crowdfunding? We have suggestions. These Kickstarter gadgets are quite unique and you can pre-order them now.

A hub of innovation and product design, Kickstarter is the place to go for inspiration. It’s where the inventors and makers among us pitch ideas for everything from a temperature-sensing window to a zero-gravity recliner. So today we’re bringing you 10 unique Kickstarter gadgets you’re sure to want to check out.

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Have you ever heard of a smart window? It exists, and its name is the SmartWind. It automatically cools your home with outside air when the temperature drops, reducing your energy bills.

And when you want to track stock and crypto prices from your desktop, the Kublet Nano makes it easy. You can send him all the data you want.

Get inspired by the unique Kickstarter gadgets below.

1. The Kublet Nano mini desktop monitor has a tiny and sleek look and displays all the information you send, including stock and crypto prices.

Kublet Nano desktop mini monitor on a workspace

Keep up to date with trading prices with the Kublet Nano mini desktop monitor. It highlights chart and price information from any ticker and brings it right to your desktop. Best of all, it has user-friendly software for the user interface.

Pre-order it for $99 on Kickstarter.

2. The I’m an undetectable mouse mover makes it look like you’re working online even if you take a break, a great solution for the WFH.

I’mOn undetectable mouse mover in use

Maximize your break time at home with the undetectable I’mOn mouse mover. This unique gadget combines a USB power hub and audio alerts. It also prevents your screen from being idle by moving every 5 minutes.

Pre-order it for $125 on Kickstarter.

3. The SmartWind automated window Reduces air conditioning costs by automatically drawing outside air inside your home when temperatures drop.

SmartWind automated window in white

Reduce your home’s air conditioning costs and improve air quality with the SmartWind automated window. Eco-friendly and stylish, it works with your current cooling system and even checks the local weather, making it one of the most unique Kickstarter gadgets.

Pre-order it for $335.77 on Kickstarter.

4. The durable, programmable CodeRover robot teaches STEM skills in an engaging way.

Design of durable and programmable robotic products CodeRover

Want to learn programming in a fun way? Opt for the durable and programmable CodeRover robot. With a DIY design, this cross-platform robot is available in 2 models: SUMO and OFF-ROAD. They share the same CodeRover core, which is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit and ESP32-CAM. This lets you program CodeRover using C++, Javascript, Python, or visual programming languages ​​such as Blockly and Scratch.

Pre-order yours for US$70.

5. The elegant RKIN U1 water filter system uses reverse osmosis, UV and hydrogen technologies.

Stylish RKIN U1 Water Filter System in Black

Drink pure water with the stylish RKIN U1 water filter system. With a compact, space-saving 4-in-1 design, this unit uses reverse osmosis, UV, and hydrogen technologies. Thus, it provides you with filtered water that has antioxidant properties. Additionally, its 5-stage filtration system includes a sediment filter, activated carbon filter, reverse osmosis membrane filter, alkaline post-filter, and hydrogen infuser.

Pre-order yours now for $489 USD.

6. OAK & IRON ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator gives you 400 days of standby power.

OAK & IRON ONE Pro portable tire inflator in black

Get incredible power with the OAK & IRON ONE Pro Portable Tire Inflator. Designed with impressive motor speed technology, it can hold up to 400 days of standby time. That’s thanks to its 10,400mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which works non-stop for up to 45 minutes. Moreover, with a 3.2 inch LED screen, it also displays real-time information. So you can see tire pressure, battery life, inflation modes and product information.

Pre-order yours now for $99 USD.

7. Coelestium Terra Earth-inspired minimalist watch has a 3D rotating Earth at 6 o’clock.

Coelestium Terra Earth-inspired minimalist watch with blue strap

Wear a timepiece like no other on this planet: the Coelestium Terra Earth-inspired minimalist watch. Offering a new way to view time, it actually has a 3D spinning Earth at the 6 o’clock position. Plus, the Earth is customizable, so you can align it to your time zone. This allows you to watch your place on the planet turn as the day progresses. In fact, this watch is inspired by NASA’s Apollo 8 mission.

Pre-order yours now for $208 USD.

8. Lindo dual camera video doorbell removes blind spots in detecting people and packages.

Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell in use

Detecting both packages and humans, the Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell eliminates blind spots in your field of vision. With a dual camera design, it shows you everything in super clear 2K resolution. HDR quality ensures that blacks and whites appear true to hue. And you can even read vehicle license plates as they pass. Moreover, this gadget has dual sensor detection, which combines radar and PIR sensors.

You can pre-order yours now for $99 USD.

9. The Casacru Bamboo Waffle Towel has an innovative weave that dries your body better.

Casacru bamboo waffle towel in use

Enjoy a more efficient drying experience with the Casacru Bamboo Waffle Towel. Its innovative waffle weave has a hexagonal structure that maximizes surface area and accelerates evaporation. It absorbs water quickly and dries you faster, making it a great option for home, travel or after sports. With better breathability than terry towels, it stays clean and fresh after use.

You can pre-order yours now for $29 USD.

10. The Hazel Quinn Slow Juicer has a patented, truly filterless design for easy cleaning.

Hazel Quinn Slow Juicer Demonstration

Cleaning the Hazel Quinn Juicer is so easy thanks to its patented filterless design. Without sharp and porous strainer, it is not only safe to use, but also easy to clean. In fact, its bladeless design and fine grinding technique are the result of its custom auger. Crafted with a retro look, it offers an era-inspired design for a stylish kitchen. Moreover, it offers one-button assembly and disassembly. Just press the button on the base to do so.

You can pre-order yours now for $90 USD.

So which of these gadgets are you ready to pre-order now? Share with us in the comments below.

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