12 best kitchen trash cans of 2021, according to reviews



Choosing the best kitchen trash can seems easy, until you bring one home, that is. With an almost endless array of lids, volumes, shapes and sizes, it’s not always possible to choose the right one the first time (at least without a game plan).

Finding a kitchen trash can doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, because there are so many options, there is certainly the perfect option for your unique situation, whether you live in a small apartment or a spacious house. It all comes down to knowing your space and trusting your unique sense of style.

Before adding anything to your basket, it’s a good idea to measure your kitchen; there is nothing quite like having to deal with the return shipping on your brand new (but way too large) trash can. You should also have an idea of ​​where you want to place it, whether it is under the sink, between two cabinets or in front and in the center. Now, it’s time to start looking.

If the endless options can seem overwhelming, we’ve got you covered – we’ve scoured the web for the best kitchen trash cans available. Whether you’re looking for a small but powerful option or a dual bin that can easily handle both waste and recycling, there is something for you. Read on to find the right trash can for your kitchen, according to reviews (and while you’re at it, treat yourself to a few other new kitchen items as well, like one of our best blenders, maybe?).

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Best overall

Glad tiered trash can with extra capacity

With a capacity of 20 gallons, Glad’s gargantuan trash can is perfect for large households. Finally, you won’t have to take out the trash every morning. Plus, it features Clorox odor protection and a ring to hold garbage bags in place. “Just buy it,” wrote one reviewer, who praised its easy-to-clean design, extra-large size, and ability to blend into any kitchen. “Everyone who comes to my house compliments me on my trash can… because the trash can is great and everyone would love to have one.” “


Best value

Rubbermaid swing lid trash can

If you are looking for the cheapest trash can possible, you will be happy with this option. No, it doesn’t have any special features, really, but has an 11 gallon capacity and costs less than pretty much any other option. Plus, critics love it, “This thing is super cute,” one of them reports. “Gray goes well with our modern kitchen.


Best upgrade

Simplehuman rectangular trash can

From what we can tell, just about anyone who tries one of these beautiful, understated kitchen trash cans absolutely love it. With a capacity of just under 12 gallons, it’s large enough to handle household messes without requiring you to take out the trash virtually every day, and its footprint is quite small, too. Plus, people love it: an Amazon reviewer, for example, calls it “barely noticeable” and well worth the investment.


Best contactless

iTouchless SensorCan

One of the most popular kitchen trash cans on Amazon, this option includes a built-in sensor so you don’t have to touch the trash can. Translation: This is one of the cleanest trash cans money can buy. The 13-gallon gadget “exceeded my expectations in every way,” an Amazon reviewer said. “It’s attractive and fits a ton of trash in a very inconspicuous way. I love it.”


Best Swing-Top

Umbra Venti trash can

Swing-top boxes can get gross quickly, but Umbra’s thoughtful design ensures that you won’t be squeamish every time you throw something away. Why does a reviewer call it “hands down the best trash I have ever bought”? That’s because it’s easy to wash, fits 20 gallon liners, and hides the edges of trash bags with a removable ring.


Best look

Brabantia NewIcon

This one stands out from the crowd with a classic design and tons of pleasant colors, from regal mint to bold red. And with an 8 gallon capacity, it’s just big enough for most kitchens. “The trash can looks great and doesn’t take fingerprints,” says one reviewer. “It closes softly silently and no smell escapes.” Not bad at all.


Best small

Amazon Basics Trash Can

This little guy only holds 5.3 gallons, which means he’s great for placing under the sink or in an awkward corner. Built with stain-resistant stainless steel, a soft-closing lid, and a removable inner bucket, this is just about the best little kitchen trash you will find. “My wife is just in love with this trash can – yes, she really said it,” said one reviewer. “Buy it. You won’t be disappointed.”


Best under counter

Simplehuman Double Compartment Undercounter Sliding Box

The Simplehuman Rolling Duo offers 9.3 gallons of storage, space for waste and recycling, and a sturdy, easy-to-install rack. Simply put, this is the full package – a huge step up from the cheaper options featuring a similar design. It’s “perfect for a one or two-person household,” notes one reviewer. “All my friends are commenting on it. Very happy with this purchase! ”


Ideal for composting

OXO Easy-Clean compost bin

Like other compost bins, this 1.75 gallon model can fit on your counter or on your floor. But that’s where the similarities end; thanks to its design, this is one of the few options that will not leave your kitchen teeming with insects. “This product saved us from our constant struggle with fruit flies,” says an Amazon reviewer, thanks to its secure cover. “I would highly recommend this model over any others that have built-in filters. This thing is perfect.


Ideal for recycling

Kohler Two Compartment Waste Bin

Like the brand’s other products, the Kohler Trash Can is sleek, contemporary, and easy to overlook – anything you would want in a kitchen trash can. But its best feature is its two-compartment design, which means you can store both waste and recycling in one place. “Removable inner canisters are great for keeping units clean,” says one reviewer. “I highly recommend these beautiful and functional Kohler trash cans.”


Ideal for pets

Glad trash can with odor protection

Dogs and cats have been known to break into trash cans looking for loot, but not this one. It repels odors with Clorox odor control technology, closes securely and even resists stains, making it ideal for pet owners. “This trash saved my sanity. Our dogs would fit in our old box despite similar functions and height, ”reports an Amazon reviewer. “It’s like someone has finally thought about the functionality to create a decent trash can!” “

We’re not saying you have to spend that much on a kitchen trash can, but if it fits your budget, you can’t do better than this jaw-dropping option from Dutch brand Brabantia. It looks more like a decorative piece than a trash can, and it comes with three removable buckets to help you sort your trash. “My only regret is that I didn’t order it sooner,” enthuses one Wayfair reviewer.

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