3 Green Bay Packers back in store for bigger roles


Often, we look to the NFL Draft and free agency to find ways to improve the Green Bay Packers year over year – and immediate upgrades can certainly be found in each of these. these places.

But for a draft and development team like the Packers, on many occasions, their improvements are going to take place internally, from those already on the roster – whether they go from a backup role to a starting role. , or that their role from the previous season increases .

As we look to the 2022 season, this is once again a Green Bay Packers team with Super Bowl hopes. And part of the equation for that to happen is for those three returning players to be successful in their bigger roles.

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard

Without Davante Adams, we’re definitely going to see this Green Bay Packers offense spread the ball more than they’ve done in the past.

But that said, at least initially, Aaron Rodgers is going to rely on experience rather than potential, and we all know how important trust and relationships are with the reigning MVP, and Allen Lazard responds to criteria.

Over the past three seasons, Lazard has totaled more than 1,400 yards while catching 68% of his 158 targets with 14 touchdowns, often as second or third options. He was especially reliable on third downs, and last season he had an impressive five-game streak to end the season in which he caught 21 of 28 targets for nearly 14 yards per catch with five touchdowns.

We’ve seen glimpses here and there of what Lazard can do when showcased in more detail, and in 2022 he’ll see a lot more of those opportunities.

“Excited about Allen Lazard. He’s been our dirty work for most of his career here. Now he has the opportunity to be a No. 1 receiver,” Rodgers said via Packers Wire. “So I don’t “I’m not worried at all about him stepping into that role. I talk to him a lot. I know how he takes care of his body. I know he’ll be ready when he gets there.”

This is a Green Bay Packers wide hall with experience and benefits. Slot options, limit players who can win on the court, and some gimmicky type playmakers as well. But the big question mark is, when it’s third and five, who can get the first down?

I suspect the answer, more often than not – especially at first – is going to be Lazard.


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