39 Cool Products You Probably Never Thought About Buying


What’s includedFeatures: a rotating brush, two spindles, a rotating bowl, a splash ring, eight flexible brush collars and a collar holder.

I have one and my brushes have never been cleaner. All you have to do is fill the bowl halfway with water and brush cleaner, attach your brush to the appropriate collar, dip it in water, and turn on the spinner. I’ve found there’s *a bit* of a learning curve to use it (you have to switch your brush to the right above water and not submerge it completely), but once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite fun. The best part, imo, is that you can wring your brushes almost completely dry! When I washed them by hand I usually had to let them dry overnight before I could use them again, but now they are ready to use in less than an hour.

PS: You can use any cleanser you like, but I had great luck with the Elf Brush Shampoo (and it doesn’t hurt that it’s super affordable).

Promising review: “I had a stack of makeup brushes that I hadn’t cleaned in a while because they ALWAYS have to be hand washed. So I ordered this one hoping it would live up to my fashion. It is! I was able to clean most of my brushes with the handle attachments and got them all done in about 40 minutes, whereas it took me over an hour in the past Of course, the 40 minutes includes a learning curve, so it should take even less time next time Doesn’t require a lot of water (unless you like cleaning up messes, it will spill if too much is added) or brush cleaner. Brushes came out perfectly clean and ready to use. Great price for the time and manual labor saved.” —LS Brun

Get it on Amazon for $21.99+ (available in two colors).


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