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One of the CFL’s most exciting players will stay in BC for at least two more seasons. Wide receiver and kick returner Lucky Whitehead just became the highest-paid receiver in the league this week.

Since his spectacular performance in 2021, he’s proven he’s worth a dime on his contract and isn’t just a gimmick player in a team. Since tying the pads for the Orange and Black, Whitehead has recorded 60 receptions for 932 receiving yards and four touchdowns in 12 games.

His big-play ability also showed up on special teams last season with a missed 119-yard field goal return against the Ottawa REDBLACKS in Week 6 and a 79-yard punt return against the Elks. from Edmonton in Week 16. Before Whitehead goes beast mode still in 2022, here we bring you the five things you need to know about the dynamic speedster.

1. Lucky loves animals more than people.

Although he is an animal on the football field himself, Lucky loves animals. For those who follow him on social media, Lucky adores his four American Bullies more than anyone in the world. In fact, he said he preferred animals to people. Lucky’s social feed is all about electrifying games, the off-season grind, and most importantly, living his best life with his footed animals. Besides dogs, Lucky has also had a heart for snakes since he was little. It all started when Lucky’s mother had pet snakes while he was growing up, and then the love for reptiles never stopped. Lucky currently has a ball python nameEd Squeak.

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2. Picky eater

Have you ever wondered what Lucky eats to stay fast? Certainly not chicken breast, broccoli and brown rice. Lucky said it was quite difficult. Believe it or not, there are only certain foods he can tolerate such as alfredo shrimp, streaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and mashed potatoes. He said he hated everything else besides those foods. It might not be hard to please Lucky at the table with these classic savory dishes, but if they aren’t tasty enough for his taste buds, he won’t touch them.

3. Pick me up before the game

Now that we’ve ruled out Lucky’s mystery diet, his pre-game snack might not be so surprising. You’ve probably seen Seattle Seahawks legend Marshawn Lynch eat Skittles on the sidelines. Lucky’s pre-game pickup consists of a Red Bull energy drink and Trolli sour gummy worms. The caffeine, sugar and all that jazz are the by-products of what fans see on game day from the number seven running past defenders and celebrating in the end zone.

4. Breakout season in 2021

It was perhaps the best news to avoid the Monday blues last week when Lucky made his return to the orange and black official for 2022 and 2023. His newly signed contract makes him the highest paid receiver in the CFL.

“I played my best football in 2021 to win this,” Whitehead said.

As mentioned earlier, Lucky’s dynamic playing ability on offense and special teams ranks him first in the league in several categories, such as fourth in the CFL in receiving yards (932), leading the league in 447 yards after catch and four games with 100 yards. plus receiving yards. The 2021 CFL and West Division All-Star Team will be gearing up for more explosive games in the near future.

5. Breeds American Bullies (Not Pit Bulls)

Lucky said he recently got into breeding 11 American Bullies. They belong to other Bully breeds such as the American Bulldog or the Boston Terrier. American Bullies are larger in terms of head size, leg length, and greater muscle tone. Lucky has four of his Bullies: Blitz, Basil, Birkin and more recently Bellatrix has just joined the family. Lucky anticipates more bullies joining the gang in the future and hopes to bring them to Vancouver during the season.


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