6 Best Fitness Smartwatches for iPhone Users


The world of technology has transformed everything around us and even what we wear. Which includes accessories like wristwatches. Long gone are the days of putting on a wristwatch to keep track of the time. This article focuses on the best fitness smartwatches for iPhone.

Smartwatch, since its launch a few years ago. Has been well received and is now worn by all athletes. Or those who just want to take a look at the features of these best fitness smartwatches.

These best fitness smartwatches for iPhone help you track your fitness level. Also monitors your sleep duration and also helps to check blood pressure and much more. That’s how good they are. However, there are specific fitness smartwatches that work well with iPhones.

If you want to know which ones are compatible with iPhones? I invite you to read this post to the end. These best fitness smartwatches for iPhone were chosen based on certain features. Features like accurate fitness check, battery life and more. Without wasting much time, let’s go.

The best iPhone fitness smartwatch you can get in 2022

1. Apple Watch 7


The first smartwatch on our list of best fitness smartwatches for iPhone is the Apple Watch 7. The larger screen of the Apple Watch 7 sets it apart from the Apple Watch 6, which is the former flagship of the society. Although the screen is almost 20% larger, the overall size of the smartwatch is the same due to thinner bezels.

This model also offers faster charging, helping to make up for its average battery life. This extra space can make all the difference when using the laptop. The Apple Watch 7 doesn’t, in our view, offer enough improvements to the Apple Watch 6 in terms of design, battery life or fitness to warrant an upgrade.

On the other hand, the Watch 7 turned out to be a fantastic fitness smartwatch on its own. The smartwatch tracks your walking steps, heart rate and calorie level. It is a top choice for iPhone owners as it has a ton of features. It also has a chic design, fast performance, and tight connection with iPhone.

2. Garmin Venu 2

The Venu 2 is Garmin’s most smartwatch-like wearable. The Venu 2, which replaces the original, has a better screen, new workout modes and longer battery life than the Apple Watch. The 45mm Venu 2S has an AMOLED display with a resolution of 416 by 416 pixels, while the 42mm Venu 2S has a display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels.

It features Garmin’s latest generation Elevate heart rate sensor technology, which can monitor blood oxygen levels throughout the day and while you sleep. It is waterproof up to 50 meters, making it safe for swimming. There are plenty of sports, including standard Garmin offerings for cycling, golf, running, and indoor exercise like rowing.

Plus, there’s an all-new dedicated HIIT mode that includes modes specifically for EMOM and AMRAP sessions. There are no temperature or ECG sensors here, but you do get health features like better sleep monitoring and stress tracking.

3. Apple Watch 6

The next in our best fitness smartwatches for iPhone is the Apple Watch 6. The Apple Watch 6 may not have seen a significant improvement. However, it comes with some good features including blood oxygen monitoring, better battery life, display and chipset.

Even though Apple does not advise using its health monitoring tools as medical devices, such as blood oxygen monitor, heart rate alerts and ECG. We’ve always found them to help keep track of any existing ailments you may have.

Plus, it’s available in a few attractive new colors and is the first Apple Watch to have sleep monitoring. Although this function is now also available on earlier versions. Upgrading might not be the most exciting. But it’s still one of the best fitness smartwatches for iPhone and one of the best overall.

3. Apple Watch 3

When used with an iPhone, the Apple Watch 3 was the best smartwatch. But this is no longer the case. It’s still a great fitness wristwatch even though Apple has a new series of smartwatches. The Apple Watch Series 3 has all the same features as the Apple Watch 2. These include a sleek design, water resistance, and enough fitness features to suit most users.

It also has a bright, high-quality display, built-in GPS, waterproofing, optical heart rate monitoring, and more than a day’s battery life. According to customer reviews, it has been tested well and proven to be a superb all-rounder. Accompanied by substance and style that suited both the office and the gym.

Even an LTE model is available, although it costs more. Being an Apple Watch, of course, it works perfectly with an iPhone. Additionally, this has the advantage of continuing to be available direct from Apple at the time of writing, unlike the Apple Watch 4 and 5.

4. Apple Watch SE

If you’re looking for an inexpensive fitness smartwatch for your iPhone, your answer is the Apple Watch SE. Spending less does not mean much less. Unfortunately, the always-on display feature is not present. However, we did not consider this to be a decisive factor. In tests, it performs quickly and significantly better than older models.

Along with the usual array of workout tools, you continue to get comprehensive tracking features like heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and GPS. While they’re not quite up to par with specialist fitness gadgets like Garmin’s range, we’ve found that they work just as well as the flagship models and are pretty accurate too.

You can’t go wrong with the Apple Watch SE as a desirable combination of good looks, good features, and a competitive price.

5. Fitbit Sense

Formerly on our list of the best fitness smartwatches for iPhone is the Fitbit Sense. The Fitbit Sense is one of the few smartwatches to surpass the Apple Watch Series 7 as a medical gadget. It’s a powerful health watch, but only a mediocre smartwatch. It excels as a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker, and it has SpO2, which is coupled with sleep tracking for identifying sleep disorders and ECG for detecting Afib.

There’s a lot to love, especially when an Electrodermal Activity (EDA) sensor for stress monitoring and even a temperature sensor are added. And with GPS and Strava integration, it’s no slouch when it comes to fitness. A decent smartwatch.

However, the watch face gallery is clunky and full of paid options with an odd payment method, and Fitbit Pay compatibility is spotty. It’s a fairly simple wristwatch with few on-watch features and apps to speak of. Fitbit Sense is a great option if you want to get as much health data as possible from your smartwatch.

6.Fitbit Versa 3

The next Fitbit smartwatch on our list of the best fitness smartwatches for iPhone is the Fitbit Versa 3. The Fitbit Sense health watch has supplanted the Versa 3, but it’s still a very capable smartwatch and alternative to the Apple Watch SE. The Versa 3 now includes GPS for accurate outdoor exercise tracking, but it lacks Fitbit Sense’s ECG and Afib, stress sensors and body temperature sensors.

Plus, it has excellent fast charging, which can double battery life in just ten minutes. And one of the biggest achievements is the battery life, which offers six days, which is exceptional compared to the day promised on all Apple Watch models.

A Fitbit smartwatch will always be a powerful tool for tracking exercise. With a unique sleep score, workout recognition, and a ton of sport profiles, you can get great sleep tracking. In addition to the usual step, elevation and active zone minutes, there is also this.

Additionally, an SpO2 sensor is still embedded inside the device, which will monitor your blood oxygen levels while you sleep and provide additional insights if you subscribe to Fitbit Premium.

Final Verdicts on the Best Fitness Smartwatch for iPhone

As you can see, each of these best fitness wristwatches has its distinct advantage over the other. while some are more expensive than others. however, your job is to find the best one for your budget. and if you want to continuously track your fitness, getting one is essential. let us know your views on these smartwatches below.


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