7 awesome ways to get more rest when you sleep warm


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Staring at the ceiling until 2 a.m., turning around and turning, waking up in a puddle of sweat: hot sleepers die hard. Oh, and then there’s the not-so-wonderful side effect of feeling lazy the next day. Great stuff. But with the right products, those uncomfortable nights can be a thing of the past. From cooling mattresses and pillows to cooling eye masks and socks, these finds can help warm sleepers finally get a really good, super-comfortable night’s sleep.

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Serta Arctic Mattress

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$ 3,499.00

It all starts with a quality mattress designed for cool, comfortable sleep all night long. The Serta Arctic features the exclusive Reactex® cooling system, the most heat-absorbent layer the brand has ever created. Plus, its premium high-density memory foam layers conform to your body shape, providing just the right amount of support. With a range of four models, in four sizes each, every sleeper can enjoy fresh, personalized comfort that matches their needs.


COLD mask

For direct relief, try this eye mask before bed. Store the removable pads in the fridge, then attach them to the mask when you’re ready to beat the heat. Designed to help relieve sinus pressure, it is ideal for warm sleepers and those with allergies.


Serta Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

The Reactex® technology surrounding the premium 5-inch CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam of this pillow draws heat away from the body and releases it when there is no pressure on it. It all adds up to a cooling, plush all-night support that gently aligns the head with the neck in a way that’s ideal for side or back sleepers. For those who prefer fiber to foam, Serta also offers an alternative cooling model that provides the same freshness on both sides of the pillow.


Bluetooth PRO smart water bottle

This smart water bottle glows to remind you to drink. (It also connects to a compatible app via Bluetooth if you prefer push notifications.) Because it keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours, you won’t have to drink room temperature water if you do. wake up desiccated.


Pure humidify + cool

An all-in-one air purifier, humidifier and fan, this gadget maximizes your sleeping space. You also don’t have to spend time messing around with the settings. It automatically removes airborne particles and allergens that linger in your room. It also senses temperature and humidity levels and responds accordingly. Bonus: it’s ultra-quiet.


Cold therapy socks

While most socks retain heat, these do the exact opposite. Put the included gel packs in the freezer, take them out when cool, and don the pair before bed. They cool your feet in seconds, lowering your body temperature with them.


Cold massage roller

Likewise, this cryotherapy-inspired roller ball cools in the fridge until you need it. When you jump in bed, treat yourself to some skin-cooling TLC by rubbing it on your forehead or anywhere your muscles feel stressed, sore, or inflamed.

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