7 new gadgets to have on your radar this week


A lot has happened this week in the gadget world. Apple will finally allow customers to repair their iPhones through its new self-repair program. Tidal has announced its first tier of free and ad-supported streaming. And Microsoft surprised Xbox owners by releasing Infinite halo (for online multiplayer only) almost a month ahead of schedule. Yes, Master Chief is back (again). And a bunch of new products have been announced as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Meze Audio Liric

Meze Audio

The Romanian audio company is best known for its hi-fi planar magnetic headphones – which are capable of producing a clearer and more expansive soundstage than traditional headphones with dynamic drivers – and this week it announced the Liric is the first pair of planar magnetic earphones with a closed design. The luxury headphones are made of a combination of magnesium, leather and aluminum. And, more importantly, their new custom planar magnetic driver has been redesigned (scaled down and tuned) to look like the company’s top of the line. Empyrean ($ 2,999) listeners.

Price: $ 2,000


Beyerdynamic MMX 100 and MMX 150

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Beyerdynamic, one of the biggest names in hi-fi studio headphones, has announced two new gaming headsets in its MMX series – and both are surprisingly affordable. First there is the 100 MMX ($ 99), which are closed-ended wired headphones designed to connect to your Xbox or Playstation controller via a 3.5mm jack. And second, there is the MMX 150 ($ 149) is a digital USB headset with an integrated sound card and more immersive features for PC gamers.

Both gaming headsets are now available in black or gray.

Price: $ 99 – $ 149


Fender Acoustasonic Player Telecaster

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Fender has announced a relatively affordable hybrid guitar – an electric guitar that can sound like an acoustic guitar as well. The all-new Acoustasonic Player Telecaster has a streamlined design, with a three-way voice selector rather than the five-way of the company’s other hybrid guitars, which is one of the main reasons it costs almost half the price. price. It is also aimed at more beginner guitarists.

It is now available in four different finishes: black, blond, brown or white.

Price: $ 1,200


Denon AH-C830NCW and AH-C630W wireless headphones

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Denon is a hi-fi audio company that manufactures all amplifiers for home theater systems, from wireless speakers to audiophile grade speakers. And, as all audio manufacturers seem to be these days, it’s finally entering the wireless headphone market. Its first two wireless headphones, the AH-C830NCW ($ 159) and AH-C630W ($ 99), share a stem design similar to AirPods, but promise to bring premium sound at an affordable price. The more expensive of the two new models adds slightly improved sound and active noise cancellation.

Price: $ 99 – $ 159


Popsockets Popmount Car for MagSafe

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Popsockets announced a new MagSafe compatible car holder that adheres to your car’s air vent and magnetically holds your iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 (horizontally or vertically) in place while you drive. The advantage is that it is designed to work with PopGrip for MagSafe ($ 30) and solves the problem of having to remove your Popsockets grip every time you want to go somewhere in the car and use your iPhone for navigation.

Price: $ 30


Fujifilm Instax Mini Evo

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Fujifilm’s latest instant camera, the Instax Mini Evo, is different from the rest. It works more like a digital camera. It has a digital sensor, a rear LCD screen and the ability to store up to 100 digital photos (thanks to a micro SD card slot) like any other digital camera. Like an instant camera, you can choose which photos you want to print and even add a filter. The camera has a 28mm f / 2 lens, but before shooting you can choose from 10 different lens effects to get a different shot.

The Instax Mini Evo will be available in February 2022.

Price: $ 200


McIntosh C12000 preamplifier

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McIntosh has announced a beautiful, extremely high-end preamplifier for the extremely committed audiophiles. The all-new C12000 has a unique two-chassis design that uses two different modules, the C12000 controller module ($ 8,000) and the C12000 preamplifier module ($ 8,000), to separate the power controls and ports from data of connections / circuits. The entire preamp is designed to be extremely versatile and customizable, as there are 12 different analog inputs including a headphone jack for private listening. As is customary with McIntosh components, the C12000 shines in blue and green and is primarily made of stainless steel and brushed aluminum.

Price: $ 16,000 (or $ 8,000 per module)


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