8 free agent receivers the Steelers can sign to replace JuJu


Braxton Berrios #10 of the New York Jets (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

The Steelers have needs all over their roster, but finding a capable slot receiver with one of those eight free agents in the queue would be a big help.

The Steelers have been something of a receiver factory for the past few years, but that could end this season as they prepare to watch two of their best guys walk. While drafting a receiver should be part of their plans, signing a veteran would also be a wise move, especially when approaching the slot position that Ju Ju Smith Schuster will leave from.

Here are eight free agents the Steelers could sign to replace Smith-Schuster.

Steelers could sign Berrios

Braxton Berrios is another from a seemingly endless pool of Wes Welker-Lite type of slot receivers. Undersized and only a fringe athlete, Berrios found a steady role with the Jets as a gimmicky slot receiver and surprisingly effective red-zone threat. While he’s not a flashy player or one to be relied on for huge games, he can be a steady slot receiver and returning man.

The Jets apparently got the most out of him, as Berrios was becoming a staple each week in their offense. While he wasn’t dominating the snap tally, he found ways to get the ball in his hands and more often than not he found a way to score. The Steelers have lacked that all season, especially out of the slot after the Smith-Schuster drop.

While his next contract shouldn’t break the bank, he also can’t be counted on to play as much as a typical starter. Plus, it needs to be used creatively, and the Steelers have shown an inability to do so. Both Ray-Ray McCloud and Ryan Switzerland before him are built in the same mold and the team didn’t get much out of it.

Berrios would be an interesting and cheap fit, but the team would have to use him properly to make a signing like this workout.


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