A new shop selling a nifty kitchen gadget will open next month


A NEW store selling weekly cooking classes and selling a popular all-in-one kitchen appliance opens in Newport Market.

Lucy’s Kitchen UK opens its first store in Wales at Newport Market. As well as running regular cooking classes, it will also sell the Thermonix – an appliance used to cook meals, preset with over 70,000 recipes.

Lucy Wiley from Lucy’s Kitchen UK said: “Newport was the logical choice to open the store as it has links to Cardiff, Chepstow and Bristol.

South Wales Argus:

“The business itself is a direct selling business, and the location it had is the right location as the market is coming up and is the biggest in Newport.

“There will be a lot of events there, and the events we host mesh well with other businesses in the market. We are going to cook all kinds of dishes from all over the world with the Thermonix. »

The new store will be open in early December and will only sell the Thermonix appliance, with cooking classes focusing specifically on the time of year.

South Wales Argus:

Lucy Wiley

Ms Wiley added: ‘This is our first store in Wales and we have built up our sales force enough to be able to open a store.

“You can cook both healthy and naughty foods, as Christmas approaches we will be focusing on foods around that.

“You can chop a salad or make a lemon salad, curry or cream. It’s a 20-in-one kitchen appliance that can chop, mix, sauté, weigh and steam.

South Wales Argus: Lucy WileyLucy Wiley (Photo: Lucy Wiley)

“It’s priced at £189, and it’s a handy gadget to have. Think about what you spend on a takeaway – you can have a curry that tastes better than using this product. »


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