A woman reveals a very intelligent article that she always takes on long -haul flights – and people are amazed


A woman revealed an intelligent gadget that she always takes on long -haul flights – and people are obsessed.

Traveler Laura has revealed the handy way she uses her wireless headphones during a flight to watch movies on the entertainment screen.


A woman has revealed her ‘genius’ gadget for taking flights
The gadget allows you to connect Bluetooth heads to entertainment displays


The gadget allows you to connect Bluetooth heads to entertainment displays

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Currently, the airlines offer headphones to watch movies and television programs during the flight – but Laura said that there was a way to use your own Bluetooth headphones instead of a gadget called AirFly.

She said inside her TikTok Video: “This little gadget is a lifesaver when it comes to long flights and you are definitely going to want to add it to your list of travel must-haves.”

“This is an auxiliary Bluetooth coupling cord that allows you to couple your airpods directly so that you can listen and watch movies on demand.”

She added, “I don’t fly without it! It’s perfect! I’ve never had a problem.”

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In addition, he joins forces with two listening headsets, which also allows you to look at something with a friend.

His TikTok followers loved the idea, with nearly 550,000 people watching the video.

One person said, “Omg where was it when I needed it for my 14 hour flight to Colombia.”

Another wrote: “Absolute genius!”

Someone else who had also sang his praises: “I had one at an airport once because the cord of my headphones broke during transport … The best thing than I ‘ve to travel.”

The AirFly normally costs £59.99 but is currently on sale for just £19,999 on Amazon.

A frequent flyer has revealed why she never gets on a plane without a pair of old headphones – and they don’t even fit her phone.

She explained, “That’s because in my experience, airlines generally need a traditional auxiliary jack to access audio from TV shows, movies, and games in-flight.”

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We’ve revealed how to operate broken airplane headphones during a flight.

And a passenger revealed a great hack to create their own flight entertainment system using your phone and a magazine.

People praised the woman's very clever trick for long flights


People praised the woman’s very clever trick for long flightsCredit: Alamy

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