AirAsia air taxi fare should be less than ~RM210 per person


Some of you may have heard of the AirAsia Air Taxi Service, so here are some new updates on the potential carrier service. According to sources, the air taxi service will start from KLIA to KL City in both directions.

You might not believe it, but sources also claim that it only takes 17 minutes for the air taxi to reach its destination. Additionally, the fee is expected to be less than $50 (~RM210) per person and only a maximum of four passengers can board the air taxi. But before that, certificates and specialized rules, as well as a landing and parking area will be required.

AirAsia signed a memorandum of understanding with Avolon, an Irish leasing company in February this year, to lease around 100 all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) VX4 aircraft. They aim to deliver the aircraft in 2025.

So far, American and Japanese Airlines have also invested in Avolon’s VTOL electric plane. South East Asia is catching up and according to Capital A CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandas the goal is “to get the VX4 flying all over South East Asia”.

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