Aldi’s latest Specialbuy kitchen gadget is labeled ‘the best thing ever bought’


You don’t have to be an expert cook to master the art of bread-making, according to an Aldi customer. Despite being “terrified”, they turned out the perfect loaf thanks to one of the retailer’s latest special buy products.

The gadget, which went on sale for £49.99, is one of the latest products to hit virtual baskets. The Ambiano bread machine. is picked up by customers.

Reviewing the product a day ago, one shopper wrote: “Excellent. I had never made my own bread before, I was terrified, but it was so easy! Best thing I have ever purchased”. The review came with a photo of the perfect home-baked loaf of bread.

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Other buyers who have purchased the gadget before have also left rave reviews. One person giving a five star review said, “Love my bread maker so much I have two on the way!! I bought several for gifts because the price is unbelievable! I have also recommended it to my friends.

Aldi’s bread machine

Another buyer who reviewed the product when it last went on sale said, “This bread maker replaced my 10 year old Panasonic bread maker. At a fraction of the price, it’s perfect! Bakes three different breads now and everything turned out perfect.”

The reviews continued with: “Excellent bread maker. Great product, great bread, great price, fast delivery, what’s not to like.” With another saying: “Brilliant. So good I had to buy a second one. Also, Aldi’s customer service is brilliant”.

Overall customer reviews for the bread maker are 4.5 out of 5. So what exactly does it offer? Well, it comes with a measuring cup and a measuring spoon, and has the capacity to make three sizes of bread – 500g, 750g and 1000g.

There is an LCD display panel, 19 digital pre-programs and a 15 hour digital timer. You have the ability to adjust the baking on the crust, and if you want to spy on your creation while it bakes, there’s a glass viewing window. It is currently for sale online only


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