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Even fair-skinned people get pimples from time to time. And, while the go-to treatment was applying pimple cream, pimple patches are the latest way to combat those pesky bumps. Anti-pimple patches are simple to use and much less messy than creams. You just need to peel off a medicated sticker and apply it to your pimple before bed. In the morning, you should see noticeable results. One brand in particular has developed a cult following. It’s called CosRX and, just for Prime Early Access, Amazon has slashed the prices of these mega-popular patches. Don’t miss your chance to refuel.

Did you hear Prime Day is happening again? Amazon’s Prime Early Access sale takes place October 11-12, but you must be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of the deals. Here’s how you can Sign up for a free trial, which also offers free delivery. See all our Prime Early Access sale coverage here and shop it first Prime Day deals here.

CosRX Acne Pimple Patch is the company’s original pimple patch, and it has over 10,400 perfect reviews on Amazon. The patches contain hydrocolloid to create a moist environment while targeting the bump with anti-acne medication. This kit includes 72 patches in three different sizes: small, medium and large. To use, simply clean and dry the area, choose the correct size patch and place it over the stain. That’s it!

It’s worth pointing out that the patches are hypoallergenic and free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin even more. They also have an army of fans.

These patches soothe the skin and eliminate pimples in a single gesture. (Photo: Amazon)

“What a magical product,” said one five star fan. “I couldn’t believe the results! Not only could I see the progress through the patches, but my skin was relieved of pain, redness and my skin had flattened. I replaced them and can’t wait to see the results tomorrow morning. This is something I would recommend for all skin types.”

A colleague satisfied customer said they were “officially believers” after trying the patches. “The first night I used two of the medium sized applications – one on my chin and one on my cheek,” they said. “I went to bed with two pimples trying to get through, woke up with only slight redness in those areas. Applied them to the same places the next night and had no spots the next day with no signs of it being there. never had a pimple at all. I LOVE. THESE. THINGS.”

Again, these patches are only on sale as part of Prime Early Access. Don’t miss your chance to stock up at a serious discount!

The reviews quoted above reflect the most current versions at the time of publication.

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