Amazon shoppers rave about the Avocado Keeper


This awesome tool from Amazon keeps avocados greener without plastic wrappers or messy bags.

If you’ve ever made an avocado recipe that only called for part of the creamy green treat, you know that storing the remaining half often results in a brown, gooey mess. Now there’s a great, cheap kitchen gadget to save every last bite of that half-eaten avocado. The Lawyer Guardian is a compact kitchen storage container designed to hold leftover avocados – and Amazon reviewers can’t help but talk about it. It keeps leftovers half fresh, green and ready to use DAYS after being sliced.

What is a Lawyer Guard?

This compact avocado storage container is a dishwasher-safe kitchen gadget specially designed to store half an avocado for days, preventing it from browning while saving you money by reducing food waste. (Not to mention, it beats alternative avocado storage methods like plastic wrap or worse, wrapping it in a paper towel.)

A clear lid snaps onto the airtight plastic holder that holds half of a typical California or Mexican avocado. Once sealed, the container keeps air out so oxidation is less likely to occur, which turns deliciously green avocados brown. The Avocado Keeper locks in the freshness of a sliced ​​avocado, keeping it in perfect condition for making homemade guacamole and summery avocado dressing.

The kitchen gadget’s affordability and ease of cleaning made it an instant hit, but it was the money shoppers saved on wasted brown avocados that catapulted the Lawyer Guardian to over 6,000 ratings and an average of 4.1 stars on Amazon. Plus, it makes a perfect addition to any avocado lover’s kitchen as a hostess gift or gift for cooks.

How to Use an Avocado Guard

Add the Lawyer Guardian to your meal cleanup routine for quick and easy storage. Keep the pit in the avocado half you want to keep or remove it in the case of a larger avocado. Then, open the container and place the avocado flesh side down, putting the lid back on. The airtight seal keeps your avocado fresh for up to five days. It is however important to keep the storage in the refrigerator, as fresh cut produce will spoil if left at room temperature.

When you’ve eaten the remaining avocado half, the Avocado Keeper can be placed in the dishwasher for a quick cleanup or under warm running water with soap.

The best user reviews from Amazon

Lisashares a verified Amazon buyer, “It really works! I had half an avocado left in there and totally forgot about it after four to five days. It was still good! Highly recommend.”

“I was so sick of kids wrapping half an avocado in plastic wrap,” another wrote. Amazon verified buyer. “I had half a dozen of them lying around the fridge because they were throwing them all over the place. Now that’s the only place they go. No waste, no extra plastic, and keeps them fresh.

And Mr. Harrington-Terry gives Avocado Keeper five stars, adding, “I had no idea how often I only used half an avocado. I wanted something that didn’t end up in the trash. That works well. I can put half an avocado with a pit in the container, and it closes. The avocado stays fresh until I want to use the other half.

Where to buy the Avocado Guard

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If you’re ready to say goodbye to avocado food waste once and for all, head over to Amazon to buy the lawyer guard. At $9 each, you’ll more than offset the cost of the product from the avocados you save.

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