Amazon slashed prices by up to 45% on Oral-B electric toothbrushes, but only for Cyber ​​Monday


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The question is, which toothbrush are you going to choose? (Photo: Amazon)

Keeping your teeth sparkling clean is not just one thing – it requires routine maintenance and careful, regular brushing. And, while you can use a regular old manual toothbrush, many people find it easier to get a deep clean with an electric brush.

Of course, these powerful devices cost money. Just for Cyber ​​Monday, however, Amazon slashed prices on Top Rated Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads up to 45%! Now’s your chance to jump on the electric toothbrush train, at a reduced price.

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Whiter teeth, straight ahead!  (Photo: Amazon)

Whiter teeth, straight ahead! (Photo: Amazon)

The little gadget is so smart it’s an insult to call it a toothbrush. The Oral-B 8000 rechargeable battery electric toothbrush it’s more like having a living robot dentist on your counter, except it’s not as scary as it sounds.

The device takes care of tackling the most important areas of your mouth, while tracking and correcting your brushing habits (for example, warning you when you brush too hard). It also sends real-time feedback to an app.

Its replaceable brush heads oscillate, rotate and vibrate in one of six custom modes to remove up to 500% more plaque than a regular toothbrush. Choose from four different colors: White, black, orchid, and rose gold. They are so cute, you can even use them as a holiday gift for your SO

“After using a Sonicare for years, I am more than delighted to have upgraded to the Oral B 8000 with round brush heads,” said one. happy customer noted. “This electric toothbrush system is so superior that I can see and feel a significant difference. The round brush reaches all areas, so much easier to clean the back teeth and behind my bottom bottom teeth. the more plaque buildup and the teeth are definitely whiter. The oscillation system is a significant improvement over the sonic. My teeth look like I left the dental hygienist, everyday and thanks to this system brush and in Crest 3D white, I look whiter. “

$ 95 $ 180 on Amazon

This toothbrush does just about it all.  (Photo: Amazon)

This toothbrush does just about it all. (Photo: Amazon)

Do you really want to have a blast on an electric toothbrush? The Oral-B iO Seriesarticle 8 Iis essentially the Cadillac of electric toothbrushes and does it all for you other than brushing. This brush offers specialized pressure sensing that signals red when you’re brushing too hard and green when things are going well. It has a display screen to motivate you while you brush and allows you to customize your brushing experience. A dentist-inspired round brush with twisted bristles reaches all areas of your mouth, while live coaching helps you get the perfect clean. Choose a black, purple Where White theme – they are all tagged!

“I can’t describe how [much] Daily tooth brushing improves this brush. Always clean and easy to control. Worth it “, a happy customer noted.

$ 175 $ 280 on Amazon

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