Amazon’s best-selling jar opener is on sale for $14


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Whether you’re cooking or just trying to drink a bottle of water, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to open a jar or a cork. Your hands may slip, the pot may fall, or worse, your dish may burn while you struggle. But there is an easy way to make hard-to-open jars and bottles a thing of the past, and that’s with this Amazon gadget on sale that buyers love.

The EZ Off Jar Opener does exactly what the name suggests: it opens quickly any cover, even if it is factory sealed, childproof or simply glued on. And if you’re wondering how it works on any size lid, check out the gadget’s smooth and grippy V-shaped design. It gets smaller as you move towards the center, which means the opener can grab anything from pasta sauce lids to something as small as nail polish. With over 16,400 five-star ratings and 5,700 positive reviewsit’s safe to say that buyers are impressed with the bestseller.

“I’ve tried a million different tools and gadgets to help me open jars of all sizes, and each had their own issues. Finally, someone has invented the perfect jar opener that’s simple and requires no space in your kitchen drawers or counters, ” wrote a buyer who titled their five-star review: “My best gadget ever!”

For the opener to work properly, the first important step is to install it under or inside a cabinet. To make this process quick and easy, the item comes with an attached adhesive that you simply peel off to stick where desired. You can reinforce it with three screws to make the door opener even more secure.

“It was super easy to install, even for a non-DIY person who only has three screwdrivers.” shared a review who said the adhesive was helpful. They continued, “It WORKS; I’ve tried it on several different styles of lids, and yes, it even works on ‘push and turn’ childproof lids!”

Opening a can, bottle or jar shouldn’t be difficult, so turn the process into a breeze with the EZ Off Jar Opener which you can pick up for $14 while it’s on sale.


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