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Prepare to be disgusted. (Photo: Amazon)

Want to know the secret to making your home shine like the top of the Chrysler Building? According to Amazon shoppers, this is the Vansky 51 LED black light. But beware, this little gadget is so good at highlighting dirt in every nook and cranny of your home that you might be sick of it. Is this a chance to be seized? With a prize of $11, you bet.

Over 29,000 rave reviews swear by this black light to uncover all kinds of expected and unexpected stains and imperfections. The good news: Regularly $30, Amazon has reduced the price by 58% and reduced it further with the coupon on the page. Even better? Shipping is free if you have Amazon Prime. Not a member yet? No problem. You can sign up for your 30 day free trial here. (And by the way, those who don’t have one Prime always get free shipping on orders of $25 or more.)

$11 $30 at Amazon

This handheld flashlight has 51 LED lights to illuminate anything that needs extra inspection. It works like a regular flashlight, only when you shine it on something dirty, the object will glow. However, it does not highlight any old dirt, it is generally used to detect, ahem, bodily fluids. It’s popular for plucking piddle from puppies and tinkling from kittens, but people use it for so much more than that.

Find Pet Damage

Photo: Amazon

The damage could be greater than you think. (Photo: Amazon)

$11 $30 at Amazon

Some pet owners got way more than they bargained for when they went looking for “accidents.”

“Works great,” wrote one dog owner. “[I] can see all the places my dog ​​has been to in great detail.

Another pet owner noted a plethora of new finds: “I bought this because I suspected a stray cat had sprayed the outside of my door and wanted to make sure I cleaned it completely. When I received this flashlight, I waited until it was dark and took a look. I found that my own cat was clearly spraying back! Then I walked around my house with the lights off. I have been. HORRIFIED. I thought that stuff on CSI was supposed to be fake!! So now I’m going to clean every room in my house from the doorknobs. Also, why the hell are my nails shiny?!? !”

house cleaning

mess in the bathroom illuminated by black light

Don’t panic yet. (Photo: Amazon)

$11 $30 at Amazon

If you think you have a clean house now, Amazon shoppers say this black light will trigger a cleaning frenzy to make it flawless.

“My house is a pigsty,” wrote one satisfied customer. “This light is fantastic but it shows EVERYTHING. I thought my house was clean. Turn off the lights at night, turn on this light and prepare to be shocked. Tomorrow I have an appointment with a bucket of ammonia and water.

“This light allowed me to see into the future”, another shocked customer share. “It also showed me that I am a disgusting person. There are stains practically on every square inch of my house.

Hotel stays

black light

You will find much more than what you are looking for. (Photo: Amazon)

$11 $30 at Amazon

If you’re a germophobe, this is one tool you don’t want to travel without. But if you’re not a germaphobe, Vansky’s black light might turn you into one.

“BE VERY CAREFUL,” warned one customer. “NEVER bring this into a hotel room…just don’t…please, please don’t…it’s everywhere…just… everywhere… what happened here? How many movies have been filmed here…oh my god it’s on TV…how could they get it on TV…I’m just going to sleep in my car…”

“Compact enough to fit in my luggage”, a wise traveler share. “Ideal for inspecting motel rooms. You will be amazed and disgusted at the same time when you see it.”

Another customer noted, “Body fluids can’t hide from this sucker.”

Gems and stones

Not all uses are geared towards raw discoveries. Some people use light to locate gemstones.

“I use this black light for jewelry and vintage glassware,” said happy customer share. “Ideal for identifying pearls, rubies, faux plastic pearls, bone beads, amber and other organic gemstones. Makes vintage uranium or manganese tableware shine (that’s for sure!) green / super bright orange and activates. [a] glow in the dark.


a scorpion illuminated with a black light

The critters have nowhere to hide. (Photo: Amazon)

People who live in Texas and parts of the Southwest use Vansky’s black light to stay safe.

“The product is excellent for finding scorpions in my garden at night,” said safe and satisfied buyer wrote. “It’s an invaluable tool in keeping my family and pets safe.”

$11 $30 at Amazon

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