android: how Android 13 can deliver better mobile gaming experiences


Google is likely to stimulate the mobile games experience with android 13. A code recently discovered in the Developer preview of Android 13 indicates that users will have to look less at the game’s initial loading screen. According to a report from XDA Developers, a new method has been added to the GameManager API in the latest preview of the upcoming operating system. The new method, named setGameState, will allow a game to inform the platform of its current state and whether it is currently loading anything else. This will help the game load faster by prioritizing its CPU usage and is also supposed to provide better overall performance.
Games on Android 13 will be able to tell the system whether or not to pause using this method. This feature will allow developers to tell the device to boost CPU performance and check for interference while the game loads resources, assets and more. This upgrade can directly impact a game’s loading time and can notably improve the overall experience because in most cases loading resources slows down a game. This feature is also likely to make it even easier transitions between scenes or sequences.
The new feature in Android 13 will give developers the ability to create more advanced graphics and will also give them fine control over how their games look. Google’s next platform may even offer massive improvements in gaming performance and will allow developers to make their games even better.
Meanwhile, several Android manufacturers have already implemented various optimizations like allocating more CPU and GPU resources to improve game loading. The report also suggests that Google is considering adding a test to Vendor Test Suite (VTS) which will make the game loading mode mandatory for all devices launched with Android 13 and later. However, the tech giant has made no official announcement about making this feature mandatory for all manufacturers.


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