Angry Morrisons buyers hit Christmas collectors’ spending targets


Morrisons buyers have taken advantage of this year’s Christmas Collector bonus scheme, which they say is less generous than in previous years.

The deal works by setting shoppers a personal spending target, which they must reach in four out of five weeks leading up to Christmas, which will entitle them to a bonus to spend in the store by January 3. Eligible buyers have received their offer in the Morrisons app, and they must register by tomorrow to get the ball rolling.

However, angry shoppers contacted Chroniclelive and took to social media to complain that this year’s purchase targets are much higher than previous years, and said they couldn’t afford to. spend such large sums on their weekly groceries.

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Morrisons – which is the UK’s fifth-largest supermarket after losing a place to Aldi this summer – said the personalized target figures were derived from customer spending on four dates and insisted that the Buyers didn’t have to spend more this year to take part.

“The pattern is the same as last year and the methodology in terms of calculating how much a customer spends is the same. The only difference is in the time periods we use,” a spokesperson said, confirming that the key days for this bonuses of the year were 2 May to 26 June, Christmas 2022, Christmas 2021 and Easter 2022 – the last three dates being the holiday periods when shoppers can traditionally spend much more than their store regular weekly.

Although it has contacted Morrisons on several occasions, the retailer did not reveal the dates it used last year to calculate spending targets, which customers said were much lower.

Tracy Ball contacted Chroniclelive to complain about the ‘huge kick in the teeth’ when she found out she would have to spend £125 a week to get her bonus, £45 more than the target of 80 £ from last year.

“You can imagine my shock and horror when I opened my Morrisons app to start this year’s Christmas Collector’s Spend to find that Morrisons has decided to spend at least £125 a week for four out of five weeks,” says -she. “I am stunned. This is going to make the Christmas bonus inaccessible for thousands of low-income families who have been looking forward to this bonus every year. Do they not realize that thousands of people are trying to reduce the food bill to be able to I also take two other vulnerable families shopping every week and this year’s bonus is now beyond their reach so I have decided to never do shopping at Morrisons and I won’t be taking the other families either. I’ve tried to stay with Morrisons through this whole cost of living crisis only to get a massive kick in the teeth.”

On Twitter, customers made their feelings known. @fredmanfriday said: “”I have to spend £160 a week for four weeks to get £60 off! What?! No thanks. How does that help in this cost of living crisis! I spend £80 a week and pocket the difference as a benefit!”, while @jg002d2975 said: “Bonus set at £135 a week when I’m lucky if I spend half.”

@lornamax74 said: “I really don’t understand where you are getting your numbers from, to get the £51 Christmas bonus I have to spend £135 a week, for four out of five weeks I have no chance of that ‘It’s just me and my husband at home, to me it’s just a very greedy task from Morrisons, it’s ridiculous.’

Morrisons launched the Christmas Collector program earlier this month, stating on its website: “After listening to customers, Morrisons is bringing back its popular collector program for app and card users. Eligible app customers will be invited to participate in the five-week program, which entitles them to a deep discount voucher if they have met the criteria and made their purchases during four of the eligible weeks. customers will then be able to spend their “bonus” voucher from Monday, December 12 through January 3, 2023. Eligible customers who don’t use the app and prefer to use their loyalty card will have the option to use four weekly coupons starting on the 14 November, which, if fulfilled, will entitle them to receive a bonus coupon.

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