Apple launches support for unlisted App Store apps accessed through a link


Technology giant Apple in an update on its developer website announced that the App store now supports unlisted apps which are only accessible with a link.

Unlisted app distribution allows developers to release apps that aren’t intended for public use, AppleInsider reports.

These apps will not appear in any of the App Store categories, recommendation boards, search results, or listings. The apps can also be accessed through Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager, the report says.

Developers will be able to distribute apps to a limited audience, which could include part-time employees, partners, affiliates, or conference attendees.

Additionally, applications may be distributed to employee-owned devices that may not be eligible for a mobile device management platform.

Apple said apps for “specific organizations, special events, or research studies, or apps used as employee resources or sales tools” are all good use cases for app distribution. not listed.

The feature is currently available on request only. Developers will need to submit a request to receive a link to an unlisted app.

Apple noted that unlisted apps must be ready for distribution – the company will deny any beta or pre-release apps.

Developers will be able to create unlisted distribution links for new and existing apps. If a request is approved, the app distribution method will change to “Unlisted app” for current and future releases.

If the app is already listed on the App Store, its main listing will remain unchanged.



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