Apple says employees and customers are safe after store hostage crisis


After a 27-year-old man detained a Apple Store customer held hostage for several hours in the company’s flagship store in Amsterdam and demanded $200 million in cryptocurrency, the tech giant said all of its employees and customers are safe.

The suspect, in camouflage, fired a gun and then held a Apple employee hostage for several hours before being apprehended on Tuesday evening.

“We would like to thank local law enforcement for their outstanding work and ongoing investigation. Our teams and customers acted quickly and showed incredible strength and determination,” a doorman said. -word from Apple. Tech Crunch Wednesday.

Several other people who were also inside the Apple Store managed to escape.

“The suspect has since been taken to hospital. At the moment we are still carrying out a thorough search in the Apple Store at Leidseplein,” Amsterdam police said in a tweet.

Police at the scene hit the running suspect with an armored BMW X5.

“As the suspect lay motionless on the ground, police dispatched a robot to check for explosives, confirming none were present,” reports The Verge.

It is not known what caused the incident. According to police, the suspect “sent selfies and other photos to AT5 (a local publication) during the incident which appeared to show him wearing a bomb vest.”

Apple has over 500 retail locations worldwide.

Last year, an Apple Store became the scene of a crime when two teenagers from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States, were arrested for allegedly shooting a security guard at the store.

A security guard in a Manhattan Apple Store was also stabbed last year, after he told a customer he had to wear a mask to enter the store.



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