Apple Watch Series 7 is now $100 off at Amazon


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Where is your loyalty? In the world of luxury mechanical watches made somewhere in Switzerland for a status symbol and stylish telling of the time, or with the breed of high-tech backed smartwatches to monitor health and connect to the World Wide website? For many, this is a difficult call.

Luckily, there’s Apple whose handiwork and mastery of technology has resolved this “one or the other” dilemma with its latest smartwatch iteration, the Apple Watch Series 7. The part-watch, part-smartphone, part-status gadget has been in high demand since its release – it would be easier to count who doesn’t have an Apple Watch around. But if you haven’t, good news: the timepiece is now reduced to its lowest price ever.$100 off colors and models—on Amazon to change that.

It’s more than a matter of hype, which is very well justified. This deal is ideal for those in desperate need of a smartwatch upgrade as well as those who have never owned a decent smartie before. For the first, Series 7 brings Apple’s largest Retina display watch area, along with faster charging and increased durability. For the latter, it’s a whole new world of health monitoring, easy notification checking from the wrist, fitness tracking, audio streaming, and more.

Whereas $100 off a $399 or $429 smartwatch– depending on size: 41mm or 45mm – is not too much to rejoice, for a brand that rarely puts its real gems on sale, to do so on a device with such hype and demand, this offer is, in fact, a wish granted for many. And if you are not convinced by the style of a base model Apple Watch Series 7– GPS, 41mm, aluminum case and sport band – just elevate it with a deluxe Apple Watch band.

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