Apple will test new ad placements on the App Store


Apple will test new ad placements on the App Store

To give developers more opportunities to get users to discover their apps, tech giant Apple plans to test a pair of new ad placements on the App Store soon.

The new ad slots include placement on the App Store Today page and placement in the “You Might Also Like” section of an app’s product page. Both placements will be marked as ads to differentiate between organic and editorial recommendations, AppleInsider reports.

“Apple Search Ads gives developers of all sizes the opportunity to grow their business,” the tech giant said.

“Like our other ad offerings, these new ad placements are built on the same foundation – they will only contain content from the App Store-approved product pages of the apps and adhere to the same rigorous privacy standards,” it said. -he adds.

The report mentions that it’s unclear exactly when the new ad slots will roll out, but Apple said it will start testing the slots soon.

Previously, there were only two ad spots available on the App Store – and they only appeared when users searched for new apps.

According to the tech giant, the new ad slots will maintain the company’s focus on privacy and transparency.

For example, Apple avoids hyper-targeting individuals or small groups of users. It also avoids showing personalized ads to users under 18 and never uses sensitive data, such as religious or political information, to serve ads.

More than that, Apple told advertisers in May that 78% of search volume on the App Store came from devices that had first-party data collection turned off, according to the report.

Despite this, Apple said its privacy-protecting advertising technology was just as effective for businesses, he added.


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