Battlefield 2042 Danger Zone mode development halted


Battlefield 2042 is undergoing significant changes as DICE tries to pivot toward what works and away from what doesn’t. One of the things that just never worked was Hazard Zone, one of the new game modes introduced in 2042.

Hazard Zone was meant to be Battlefield’s take on Escape from Tarkov – a tense survival mode where players arrive, get what they need, then extract before enemy AI or other teams can find them . However, it never managed to achieve the same tension as Escape from Tarkov.

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As our own Harry Alston said, “There’s no risk in the danger zone. It doesn’t matter if you die. You could lose your streak advantage, which is largely meaningless anyway, and you’ll probably have enough black market credits – that’s the currency – to buy at least a decent weapon and maybe another gadget I just didn’t care if I lived or died, which somehow eliminates that “tense squad-based action” angle.


In yesterday’s development update, creative director Lars Gustavsson admitted that DICE had missed the mark when it came to Hazard Zone. “We had high hopes, we went down a path but we didn’t gain the traction we wanted with this mode.” In the accompanying dev notes on the Battlefield 2042 site, DICE states that Hazard Zone will remain playable but will no longer be a development goal.

“Hazard Zone will remain as part of the experience, we are not turning it off,” DICE wrote, “but beyond fixing critical errors and odd behavior that may appear in the future, we are not developing more actively new experiences or content for the mode, and you will find that the maps we release over the course of our seasons will not be supported in Hazard Zone.”

The same article is about next year of Battlefield 2042 content, which will include four seasons, four new specialists, new maps, weapons, and gadgets. There will also be a brand new Battle Pass where players can earn in-game items and cosmetics in both free and premium tiers. Improvements, fixes and quality of life improvements are also on the way as DICE works to “restore the confidence that many of you felt when we launched in November last year”.

Season 1 of Battlefield 2042 will launch next month.

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