Best Hand Blenders UK 2022


We love a good kitchen appliance, but once you have a few, they quickly dominate your cupboards and countertops. That’s where our expert-tested selection of the best hand blenders comes in.

Small but mighty, these compact blitzers take up much less space than a typical pitcher blender and make blending soups and sauces a breeze (turn to hand blenders for all things cooking) .

Since many models come with versatile attachments such as whisks, mini food processors, or grinders, hand blenders are the definition of a multitasking purchase.

How to choose an immersion blender

In general, the more you spend, the better your hand blender will do, so decide what culinary tasks you need it for and look for one with the required accessories. If you really only want to make soups, a basic model will do, but you’ll have to shell out more for an immersion blender that doubles as a food processor.

Comfortable handles are pretty essential – you need a reliable grip that won’t slip halfway through – as are intuitive, smartly placed controls.

Finally, a pulse function provides additional control when it comes to tackling those tougher ingredients.

How We Test Hand Blenders

Beautiful houseHome’s experts tested 41 different hand blenders to find the best buys for your kitchen. They used each model to mix up a banana milkshake, make mayonnaise and batter, puree chickpeas and (if possible) chop onions, hazelnuts, ice cream and parsley. Finally, they beat the egg whites and cream.

Each hand blender was judged on how well it handled the various tasks and, of course, the quality of the resulting food. Ratings were given for design, ease of use and product information.

Grab your apron, it’s almost cooking time…

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best hand blender

Braun Multi Quick 9 MQ9138Xl

Best Investment Hand Blender

Smeg hand blender

The Best Budget Hand Blender

Salter EK2827 Cosmos 3 in 1

The best cordless hand blender

KitchenAid 5KHBBV53 Cordless Hand Blender

The best hand blender for small kitchens

Bosch CleverMixx MSM2610BGB Hand Blender

Best Hand Blender for Versatility

Kenwood Triblade XL hand blender

Best Value Hand Blender

Lakeland Hand Blender

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