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Finding funds to promote a project is always tricky, especially if it has “startup” status. Attitudes towards such projects are always ambiguous. Some say the startup boom is over, and it’s getting harder and harder to find the money to develop, say, another bot. Others, on the contrary, say with one voice that now is the best time for new projects, whether it’s technology or the creation of “great multi-colored socks for every day”. But if your project isn’t technologically advanced enough to attract the attention of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, you can take another route.

The projects on the platform amaze with the variety and irrepressible imagination of the authors. A RoboCop statue in Detroit? A pillow of oysters? How about a body for golfers? Why not? By the way, the last project raised the least funds, but the author’s imagination reached 80 levels. It doesn’t snag when you take another swing at a Indian online casino Game.

Among the changes, the most common are:

  • Listeners;
  • chargers;
  • Games;
  • Health tracking software.

massive darkness

On Kickstarter, you can find many projects that raised a lot of money for development. One of the most successful was Massive Darkness. The board game lets players dive into a fantasy world, explore dungeons, and search for treasure. The project has already raised more than $3 million from nearly 20,000 people, although the amount originally announced was $200,000 for development.

The prey of the gods

Independent studio No Matter Studios raised around $71,000 from 1,853 people on Kickstarter. The goal – securing $300,000 for development, which the company intends to develop through the platform – seems reasonably achievable, given that the project will be on Kickstarter for almost 30 days. The game itself is an action game with survival elements, where the hero has to survive on an abandoned island covered in ice and snow.

Orbitkey 2.0

Within days on Kickstarter, Australian Orbitkey 2.0 – a minimalist multi-tool keychain, raised almost $90,000. The key ring consists of a strip of leather that wraps around many keys, creating a convenient key storage device instead of a traditional bulky keyring. The keychain can hold up to 7 items, including a bottle opener and a flashcard. The amount shown at the start of the campaign is $20,000.

Bryt Socks 2.0: the ultimate colorful socks

Despite the abundance of technology projects, you can find such unusual projects as Bryt Socks on the platform. The project proposes to buy nine pairs of uniquely patterned socks for $70 and choose their design from 25 possible options. He has already been supported by one and a half thousand people, the total amount of funds – 39,000 pounds, or 51,000 dollars.

System shock

A video game at the intersection of horror and survival genres takes players aboard the Citadel space station, where players must fight for their lives against cyborgs and mutated crew members. The project has already raised more than half a million dollars from fans of the genre and fans of the game. The amount listed is $900,000.

Darkness Sabotage The Board Game

The games projects seem to be popular on Kickstarter as this is the fourth project on our list. The board game has raised almost $110,000 from 98 people, just at the start of the campaign. The sci-fi game tells the story of a fearless crew of space pirates who stumble upon the warship The Darkness. Players have to fight for the souls of heroes aboard the ship against demons and various creatures.

The first true artificial intelligence personal trainer

The project has raised nearly $1 million for its further development, a biosensor helmet with artificial intelligence elements that acts like your trainer. The headphones monitor your heart rate and heart rate, receive incoming calls from your cell phone and report the weather. In addition, the headphones “talk” to you during your workout and lift your spirits if you have a tough physical challenge.

Nura: headphones that learn and adapt to your unique hearing

The Nura Headphones have raised over $1 million in their time on Kickstarter. The device adapts the sound to the individual user. Nura looks like a standard full-size headset, with special “earplugs” inside to determine the optimum volume level for the user. The project has already raised more than a million dollars from five thousand users.

The Basslet

The German project The Basslet attracted about $ 404,000 from 2.4 thousand people. In the words of the developers themselves, the arm-worn device is “a wristwatch-sized subwoofer for your body. To develop it, new technologies are used for a sound that transmits the rhythms and bass of the music directly to you and does it in a way that you can feel the music.

AKITA Smart Home Security System

The creators managed to raise $884,254 from sales since April 2018. The AKITA gadget was invented to protect innovative home technology from hackers and system hacks. From the outside, AKITA looks like a Bluetooth speaker. However, it is a firewall monitor without routing functions. Instead, AKITA connects to an already installed router in your home or office via a LAN port and ensures that all connected devices only communicate with authorized addresses.

OneManBand MIDI Controller

The creators have raked in $704,946 in sales since September 2018. At first glance, OneManBand is just another useless accessory for musicians. Yet the gadget can turn a guitarist into an entire band by automatically generating accompaniment to their playing. OneManBand is an advanced MIDI controller. It can be built into an acoustic or electric guitar.

Unilid universal cover.

The creators raised $597,535. It hit the market in May 2018. Plastic bin lids usually get tangled up, often don’t fit, get lost and fall into landfill waste. San Francisco startup Two Pillars decided to tackle these issues. Unilid lids fit snugly on all kitchen containers around the edges and keep air out. The main trick of Unilid – it can turn any jar into a container. The shape of the jar doesn’t matter and the lids span both round and square containers. In addition, the lids are made of environmentally friendly silicone.

ERL wireless headphones.

The project has already been put on the market. It has now raised $550,000 on sale since January. The ERL Wireless headset is a headset whose diaphragm is made with a graphene coating. There is a microphone and support for virtual assistants. Continuous run time is 3.5 hours on a single charge and 40 hours on the charging case.

blö personal air conditioner.

The creators raised $466,206. It is scheduled to go on sale in February 2019. The startup blo technologies is in charge of the development. This little gadget is a portable fan that blows a pleasant minty breeze over the wearer’s body. The device has a built-in diffuser, which works on inserts with essential oil. The blö air conditioner provides cooling of 3.3 degrees Celsius.

Funxim wireless charger.

The creators raised $448,097. It went on sale in January 2018. The gadget allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone and Apple Watch. The charging power is 10 watts and the energy efficiency is 80%. To configure your phone with the Funxim, it is not necessary to remove its shell.


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