Best Kitchen Deal: Dash’s Pastel Griddle and Egg Bite Maker are today’s Amazon deals


Prices and availability of offers may change after posting.

Save up to 36%: Starting September 13, select Dash kitchen essentials(opens in a new tab) including egg bite maker and griddle are on sale on Amazon as daily deals. Savings vary between $10 and $20.

Dash Quick Egg Cooker(opens in a new tab) and mini waffle maker(opens in a new tab) are two of the handiest things to go viral on TikTok. If either is your favorite impromptu purchase to date, you can expand your arsenal of pastel appliances with an Amazon deal from Dash that drops three kitchen essentials to $31.99 or $39.99. $.(opens in a new tab).


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As far as discounts go, the biggest deal of the bunch is the Dash Safe Slice.(opens in a new tab), now $31.99 from the usual $49.99. This one-touch Mandoline and Julienne slicer has over 30 presets offering variable thickness for vegetables, fries, herbs, and more.

Sprinkle the vegetables you just diced into a breakfast bite made in the Dash Egg Bite Maker(opens in a new tab), now $39.99 from the usual $49.99. The sous-vide style cooker makes nine treats at a time and is ideal for meal prep. Mini desserts, like bite-sized cheesecakes, are also possible.

But if you’re looking to expand the dining options, the most versatile gadget on sale is the Dash Deluxe Everyday Electric Griddle.(opens in a new tab), now $39.99 from the usual $59.99. The 20-inch x 10.5-inch nonstick cooking surface has plenty of room for a few quesadillas, a family-size Korean barbecue platter, or eight burgers.


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