Best Waterproof Phone Cases for iPhone and Android Devices 2022


submerge your drenched phone in an improvised bowl of rice, all your fingers crossed and hoping for the best? We have all been there.

Water damage is one of those modern nuisances that can be a real blow – it’s annoying, frustrating and can end up being quite an expensive accident.

Yet we can take steps to avoid it. Besides being a little more cautious, for those who venture near water, a waterproof phone case is a necessity. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, in the middle of a lake in a kayak, or surfing the waves at the beach, having your phone inside a waterproof case will protect it from accidental water damage. It will act as a shield, keeping any splashes, puddles or flooding of water away from your device while allowing you to have it with you wherever you are.

Waterproof phone cases also double up to protect your devices against other harmful conditions such as rain, dust, sand, snow and dirt. Made from sturdy materials, they are often shock and shatter resistant to provide the ultimate protection for your device.

Pack your next adventure, whether it’s water sports or hiking, and you’ll never leave your phone behind. Be sure to always check measurements and sizing when choosing your case so that it is compatible and fits easily on your handheld.

Shop our selection of the best waterproof phone cases…

YOSH Waterproof Phone Case


Compatibility: suitable for phones up to 6.8 inches

Capture the best shots of your adventure while protecting your phone from water, sand, snow and dirt. This super durable case from YOSH features a strong snap-and-seal clip to ensure your belongings are safe. It’s been tested by underwater experts at depths of up to 30m, so it’s guaranteed to keep things liquid free. The transparent window lets you text, call and take photos on the go and there’s plenty of space for cards, keys and ID.

Punkcase for iPhone 13 Pro waterproof case


Compatibility: suitable for iPhone 13 Pro

Whether it’s snorkeling, skiing in a blizzard or a muddy hike, stay connected with your iPhone 13 Pro nestled in this high-quality case and protected from all the elements. Dirt and dust, water and shock resistant, it will protect the whole device with its built-in screen protector, anti-scratch features and super durable and rugged design, without compromising sound quality. You can also be sure of crystal clear images thanks to the anti-glare lens on the back of the camera.

Waterproof and transparent phone bag, clips on the lanyard


Compatibility: fits most phone sizes

Clip this phone pouch to your favorite lanyard and you’ll have your device ready to snap in an instant. Available with a cute black, white or pastel pink edge, the transparent sleeve will add a waterproof layer to your device while still being able to use the touchscreen function. Convenient and a great way to keep your hands free, this case will take the stress out of water and dirt damage to your phone, keeping it safe and sound.

Universal waterproof phone pouch with lanyard


Compatibility: suitable for all phones up to 7 inches

Your phone will stay dry whether you’re going by the pool, the beach, fishing or hiking in the mountains. This waterproof bag will protect your device from water, sand, snow and dirt, allowing you to access it at all times without it being destroyed. Simply insert your phone inside, close it tightly and wear it around your neck using the detachable lanyard (which is also adjustable in length). Thanks to its transparent touch-sensitive case, you will still be able to text, call, take photos and surf the web, even up to 100 feet deep in water.

IPX8 waterproof phone case


Compatibility: suitable for ipone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus/7/7 Plus/8/8 Plus/X/Xs/Xs Max/XR/11/11 Pro/11/12 Pro Max

Surfing, kayaking or swimming? Make this waterproof phone case your water sports companion and keep your phone safe from damage, while capturing high quality footage underwater. Water resistant up to 100 feet and made from thick PET clear film with composite plastic material, the rugged design is also scratch and impact resistant. As a bonus, there’s a handy wrist strap to keep it handy wherever you go. Download its app and connect your device to the included remote via Bluetooth for bright, clear photos on the go.

Phone waterproof bag

Dry bags

Compatibility: fits most phone sizes

Swim safely with your phone locked in this handy pouch. There is not only a triple lock seal, but there is also a Velcro flap to prevent water splashing. With a clear body design, you can still use your phone while it’s in the pouch, whether taking photos, using a GPS tracking app, or staying connected in an emergency. We recommend using it in a larger dry bag for extra protection when in the water.

OS Phone Waterproof Case

Munitions Survey

Compatibility: suitable for phones up to 5.8 inches

Go exploring with your phone stored in this waterproof case and keep it protected on the go. Made from waterproof fabric with taped seams and featuring zippers and a double hook-and-loop closure, your device will withstand all the outdoor elements that come its way, from rain to sun, and its touch screen always keeps you navigating. Your itinerary. Stash other valuables inside and wear it around your neck with the included soft-touch bright orange lanyard.

Pastel tie-dye waterproof pouch


Compatibility: fits most phone sizes

Avoid accidental water damage on your travels with this waterproof phone pouch. Not only will it keep your device and other precious items safe and dry, but it’ll also add a pop of color with its vibrant tie-dye print and baby pink strap.


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