Biz heats up for air conditioning, chiller dealers; Sales of ice cream and sugar cane juice | Bhopal News

Bhopal: As scorching conditions prevail in the city in early April itself, anything that cools the body and the environment is in vogue. Whether it’s gadgets like air conditioners and coolers or edibles like ice cream, soft drinks, buttermilk, chilled bottled water or Indian summer drinks like nimbu pani, the aam panna or sugarcane juice, everything is in demand. And, traders and vendors who deal in sourcing and selling things providing a ‘chilling effect’ are happy that after two summers when their business was hit hard due to the lockdown, this season , they are going to have good business.
“So far there has been a good sale of air conditioners, coolers and fans this season and the trend is expected to continue with the harsh summer we are having this season and the upcoming wedding season. You know, for the past two years there has been a 60-day lockdown during the summer every year.Not to mention buying new gadgets, people couldn’t get their air conditioners and chillers fixed.So we don’t ‘have no demand for new gadgets only but for repair and spare parts of old gadgets as well,’ said Ajay Devnani, spokesperson for Bhopal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ajay Devnani, who owns an electrical and electronics store in New Market.
Manglam Showroom owner AS Bansal said: “Sales have been good this summer after two years of hardly any business due to the lockdown. Not only summer-specific gadgets are sold, but also refrigerators and televisions. maximum demand,” he said.
When asked if there was a new gadget that might have caught the attention of shoppers this summer, he replied: “There is nothing new. People buy the usual things like air conditioners and coolers.”
It’s not just merchants who sell electrical and electronic gadgets, but those who run ice cream parlors, dairies, supply stores selling soft drinks, bottled water and other cooling things, they too are stocking up, hoping for exceptional activity this summer after a two-year gap.
“People eat ice cream all year round, but the summer season is different. The sale of ice cream multiplies in summer and on the way, the sun beats down and the heat rises in March and April even, we see people stopping their cars and bicycles to have ice cream, bottles of water or drinks not booze,” the owner of an ice cream parlor said in Five no. market stop.

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