Blackout power supplies for any home


Let’s not beat around the bush: power outages suck. You can’t see anything, your WiFi stops working, damn it, you can’t even make a cup of coffee. But you don’t have to light candles and sit on the sofa in the silent darkness. Unless that’s your thing, then by all means do exactly that, I’m not your boss.

Either way, there are more gadgets out there than ever before, and these are the best things you’ll want to have in your home the next time the power goes out. And we’re not just talking about flashlights and lighters.

Hand crank generator

FosPower 2000mAH emergency weather radio with flashlight, $ 29.99

Emergency weather radio


$ 29.99

Without a doubt, one of the most useful items in the event of a power outage is some sort of power bank that you can use to keep something like your phone charged. Now, if that power bank can be recharged on its own, then you’re really on to something. This is exactly what you get with a hand crank generator.

Most of these items are actually very limited in their capabilities, but this one from FosPower has 4.6 / 5 stars with over 21,650 ratings on Amazon to attest to that. It comes with a built-in flashlight to help you see and also a small solar panel to regenerate even more energy on its own.

Keep in mind that these things usually take a bit of elbow grease, but if you don’t have anything else to do during a power outage, what’s the problem?

Power failure night lights

GE 4-in-1 LED Power Failure Night Light, $ 9.96

GE 4-in-1 LED Power Failure Night Light


$ 9.96

Generally, you wouldn’t think of having emergency lights in your own home, but that’s the beauty of these 4-in-1 power failure lights from GE. They are not only emergency lights, they also serve as a regular night light, portable flashlight, and work light.

But for power outages, you won’t find anything more useful at this price. With built-in technology, these lights automatically turn on when the power is off. That way, whether it is day or night, you will have no trouble finding the light and walking around your house.

Battery operated lanterns

Etekcity Lantern battery-operated lamps, $ 22.94

Etekcity Pack of 4 Lanterns Camping Lanterns


$ 22.94

Originally designed for camping, battery operated lanterns are extremely useful in the event of a power failure. Gone are the days when you had to light candles all over the house just to see. Not only is the wax melting annoying, there is also the problem of unattended candles!

With battery operated lanterns like this one from Etekcity, you will not only get much more light than with a candle, but they are also much safer to use. With an integrated handle and lightweight construction, they are easy to move and use wherever you need them.

Car Adapter Power Inverter

Geloo 300W inverter, $ 29.99

300W DC 12V to 110V AC Car Charger Converter with 4.8A Dual USB Ports


$ 29.99

Even if you don’t have electricity in your house, you will still have electricity in your car. And if time is of the essence, you can use your car’s power to plug in some of your electronic devices, like a laptop or to charge your smartphone.

But you can’t just plug your laptop or phone charger into your car’s outlet. You will need an inverter to convert direct current (DC, like you find in a cigarette lighter port) to alternating current (AC, like you find in an American house), like this one from geloo. This 300W inverter plugs directly into your car socket and then offers you two USB ports and two 110V AC sockets.

Bluetooth speaker

Oontz Angle 3 bluetooth speaker, $ 27.99

OontZ Angle 3 portable bluetooth speaker

Cambridge Soundworks

$ 27.99

One of the worst things about blackout is the eerie silence that engulfs you. You may not be aware of all the noises around you during the day, but when you suddenly lose your television, ceiling fans, HVAC system, radios, working computers, etc. is deafening.

So to escape the sounds of silence, it’s good to have a portable bluetooth speaker near. As long as your phone is charged, just turn on the speakerphone and listen to music, watch movies or do something else with you with the enhanced sound of a quality bluetooth speaker.

Solar charger with flashlight

Suscell Solar Charger Power Bank with Flashlight, $ 23.99

20000mAh Portable Outdoor Waterproof Solar Power Bank


$ 23.99

The above hand-cranked generator with a solar panel is nice, but it’s not as portable as it could be. And if you want to move around the house with ease and take power with you, then a power bank designed purely for portability and versatility is a must.

With that suscell solar power bank, you will have a power bank designed to fit in your pocket. Its battery capacity is 20,000 mAh to power your devices all day. It’s also rugged, waterproof, and even includes a built-in compass for adventurers!

Rechargeable hand warmers

OCOOPA rechargeable hand warmers / hand warmers, $ 29.99

Rechargeable OCOOPA hand warmers


$ 22.94

If you happen to lose power in the middle of winter, you are going to hope that it reboots fairly quickly. Your home should stay warm enough for a while because of its insulation, but the heat will subside over time.

If it starts to get cold you will be happy to have a pair of rechargeable hand warmers which are fully charged and ready to go. These small pocket heaters heat up in seconds and have three heating levels to keep you warm no matter how cold. So grab the blankets and snuggle up with these hand warmers!


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