Brawl Stars: 10 best brawlers for Bounty


In recent months, gamers have seen several different game modes in Supercell’s mobile multiplayer shooter brawl stars. Every 2 hours, two game modes are refreshed, giving players more gameplay options and different maps to choose from. These game modes currently alternate between Hot Zone, Knockout, Heist, Seige, and Bounty.

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In the Bounty game mode, teams of three compete against each other. After eliminating an enemy brawler, each player earns a star. When a brawler is defeated, the opposition earns the bounty, or number of stars above that player’s head. The team with the most stars when the time runs out wins the game. If both teams have the same number of stars at the end of the game, the team in possession of the collectible blue star will be victorious.

ten Piper does more damage from further away

Piper from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

Many Bounty maps have open spaces, allowing brawlers to target the opposition from afar. This makes Piper a perfect choice for Bounty as her primary sniper attack will do more damage the farther the shot travels.

Some maps, however, are quite the opposite and brawls happen up close. While it’s a disadvantage for Piper, her super allows her to fly out of harm’s way while leaving four deadly grenades behind that also destroy walls and bushes. Another way Piper deals with brawlers who get too close is with her gadget, Auto Aim. This knocks enemies back and slows them down, giving him a chance to escape.

9 Leon is perfect for sneaking up on enemies

Leon from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

One of the best assassins in the game is Leon, a fantastic option for Bounty. This stealthy brawler has a very fast movement speed and is perfect for sneaking up on enemies. Leon’s super allows him to turn invisible for six seconds, allowing players to strategically position him and ambush the enemy.

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Leon fires four deadly blades with his basic attack which will deal more damage at close range. Combined with his super, this attack is effective at targeting and eliminating the enemy brawler with the highest bounty. His gadget, Lollipop Drop, creates a surrounding area that will cause allies to vanish and also benefit from invisibility.

8 Daryll can charge into enemies and slow down the descent

Darryl from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

Daryll is a suitable brawler for Bounty for several reasons. First, he has high hit points, allowing him to take a lot of damage before being knocked out. His basic attack is dangerous at close range, so his high health also allows him to absorb damage when he gets close to the enemy.

In addition to dealing damage, his super attack, Barrel Roll, recharges over time. With this quick roll, Daryll gains ground and pushes his opponents back. This attack is great for charging enemies with a high bounty before blasting them with his Double Barrel Shotguns. His gadget, Tar Barrel, slows nearby opponents to ensure his attacks don’t miss.

seven Byron is armed with long-range medicated darts

Byron from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

Byron is a versatile brawler who can heal teammates and damage enemies alike. In Bounty, keeping allies alive is vital. After taking damage, a quick recovery allows players to get back into the action and target enemy brawlers while they recover health.

Because of this, Byron is a support brawler who can stay in the back and heal his team while they’re on the front lines. His long-range medicated darts will heal or damage the subject over time, while the effects of his super attack will occur immediately. It is a better option for emergency healing.

6 The tick pressures enemies

Tick ​​of Brawl Stars, Bounty gameplay

Tick’s basic attack can be deadly and difficult for enemy brawlers to avoid. With each shot, he launches three mines towards the opponent. As they attempt to flee, enemies will often enter another mine, dealing additional damage. Tick’s attack also encourages enemy brawlers to keep moving and not stay in one place.

Brawlers like this that put the enemy under pressure are a great choice for Bounty, as enemies sometimes panic and run into crossfire. Tick’s super attack also deals a massive amount of damage and jumps to the nearest enemy, even if they’re hiding.

5 Stu can be hard to hit

Stu from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

Stu fires two pyro shots with every basic attack. If both shots hit the enemy, his super attack, Nitro Boost, is fully charged. With this speed boost regularly available, Stu often dashes around the map, making him very hard to hit.

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With that in mind, it also makes a great distraction. When enemies target Stu, the rest of the team can take out the opposition as they come out into cover. Stu’s gadget, Speed ​​Zone, will give himself and teammates faster movement speed while within the gadget’s radius, making allies harder to target.

4 Belle can cause major problems for the enemy team

Belle from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

Season Six’s Chromatic Brawler can cause major problems in Bounty for the enemy team. Belle fires her Electric Rifle at the opponent, and if the shot hits, it will continue to jump to any nearby target and deal half as much damage as the initial shot. This basic attack is extremely effective if the enemy team stays out of sight or in cover.

His star power, Positive Feedback, will grant him a 20% shield when his shots hit an enemy. This gives her extra defense and makes her harder to take down, so great for Bounty. When opponents are marked with Spotter, his super attack, enemies will also take bonus damage from any source.

3 Poco’s main priority is healing

Poco from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

For many game modes, Poco’s main priority is to heal his team. His basic attack deals low damage when he strums his guitarrón, but it also heals allies when players have Da Capo!, his star power, equipped. Poco super generously heals teammates caught in sound waves that travel long distances and through walls. Poco’s gadgets also focus on healing and healing allies from adverse effects.

With so many advantages for the team, Poco is an ideal brawler for Bounty. He keeps his teammates alive, making it harder for the enemy to collect stars. Poco will also benefit from his super, meaning he can get close to the enemy and heal himself before doing more damage.

2 Penny’s long-range cannon can set fire to the ground

Penny from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

The super rare brawler Penny has a super long range attack and deals a lot of damage. She places a cannon that fires shots at the nearest enemy. This is useful in Bounty to hit opponents who recover health, and each of Penny’s cannon shots deals more damage than her base attack.

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Along with her star power, Balls Of Fire, her cannon will also set the ground on fire, which will help finish off opponents. With Penny on the opposing team, it’s wise to get her cannon out as soon as possible. Otherwise, the game may look more like 3 vs 4.

1 Edgar can pounce on unsuspecting enemies

Edgar from Brawl Stars, Bounty game

Epic brawler Edgar is a dangerous assassin who is perfect for Bounty. He has a very fast movement speed, which is useful for dodging attacks. His basic attack is short range, so this sneaky brawler better keep a low profile. However, Edgar is unique in that his basic attack replenishes a portion of his health with each successful hit.

Edgar also has the trait that recharges his super over time. Vault allows him to jump over walls and pounce on unsuspecting enemies, while giving him a brief speed boost. His star power, Hard Landing, will also deal bonus damage after landing, giving Edgar the ability to quickly take down opponents and gain points for the team.

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