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Supercell’s fifth game continues to attract mobile gamers from around the world. More and more players are getting addicted to the third person shooter as they fight with friends, earn trophies and try to unlock all the brawlers. There are different game modes in Brawl stars such as Gem Grab, Bounty, and Hot Zone where players have to work together and achieve different goals to win.

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Brawl Ball is based on football. Teams of three must score 2 goals to be victorious. If the score is tied after the time limit, play goes into overtime, where the first team to score is the winner. No goal after extra time will mean it’s a draw, and no team wins or loses a trophy. If a player is eliminated, they reappear in the end zone a few seconds later, ready to resume the fight.

ten Barley can reach enemies hidden in the bushes

Brawl Stars Barley Statistics

Although Barley is a rare brawler, he is often found in brawl boxes early in the game. Barley throws bottles at enemies, dealing splash damage and setting the ground on fire. It’s good for targeting enemies that are lurking in bushes and behind walls. His super attack is a barrage of burning bottles that can be difficult for enemies to avoid.

In Brawl Ball maps, there are usually barricades that people hide behind. Barley shows no mercy as it can target these while trying to keep a low profile. This allows the rest of the team to focus on advancing the ball on the battlefield.

9 Squeak is a damage dealer

Brawl Stars Statistics Squeak

This brawler is fairly new to the game and Squeak’s attack is great for dealing damage. Squeak is a mythical brawler who shoots glue drops that can deter players from getting too close. It’s also great for rounding up enemies and having them choose a different route, which could end up being more dangerous for them.

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In Brawl Ball there are a lot of obstacles and few paths to choose from at the start of the game. Squeak’s attack can damage enemies who are hiding behind barriers and his super can be thrown over walls to stick. to those who try to stay away. Once players gain the Star Power, Super Sticky, Squeak’s Super Attack will also slow enemies for 4 seconds.

8 Sprout is a great defender for Brawl Ball

Brawl Stars stats boost

Sprout is a mythical brawler who damages enemies with throwing attacks. Sprout shoots a ball of seeds that bounce off walls and explode when they hit an enemy. This brawler doesn’t have a lot of health, but Sprout can target enemies from afar and let the rest of the team deal damage at close range.

The Sprout Super is a hedge that can block the path and prevent others from passing. The hurdle can also be used to keep the ball out of opposing teams’ goal, making this brawler one of the best defenders in Brawl Ball.

seven Jacky is deadly at close range

Jacky from Brawl Stars stats

The super rare brawler, Jacky, is one of the best damage-dealing brawlers. She attacks others by using a jackhammer to shake the ground around her and deal damage. Due to his good health, Jacky can get close and invade enemy territory.

Her super, Holey Moley !, pulls enemies towards her so she can wreak havoc on nearby enemies. His super will also drop the ball to enemy players so his team can regain possession. Jacky also has a gadget called the Pneumatic Booster, which temporarily increases her speed if she needs to get somewhere fast.

6 El Primo fights his enemies with his fists of fury

El Primo de Brawl Stars stats

El Primo is a wrestler who deals damage at close range with his fists of fury. His super allows him to fly through the air, which does damage when landing and destroys walls as well. His gadget, Suplex Supplement, allows him to throw enemy brawlers over his shoulder, which will also drop the ball.

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This rare brawler is a tank with a high amount of health. Combined with its fast movement speed, El Primo is one of the best options for Brawl Ball. When he has the ball, players can sometimes get the ball into the goal and absorb damage along the way.

5 Dynamike can jump through walls

Brawl Stars Stats Dynamike

Dynamike is the seventh brawler players receive on the Trophy Road after earning 2,000 trophies. He throws two sticks of dynamite when attacking, dealing moderate damage. His super, Big Barrel O ‘Boom, is a barrel of dynamite that will push back enemies and destroy barriers and obstacles.

Due to his ability to destroy walls, Dynamike is still a good choice for Brawl Ball. Removing obstacles near the enemy’s goal will ruin their defenses and make the player’s team score easier. His gadget, Satchel Charge, stuns enemies so they drop the bullet in a convenient way.

4 Super Stu Reloads Quickly

Brawl Stars Stats Stu

Stu was added to the Trophy Route in March earlier this year and is available to players once they reach 10,000 trophies. It is a stunt robot that deals damage by firing two pyrotechnic shots with each attack. Stu’s super attack, Nitro Boost, is a short run forward that knocks enemies back and leaves behind a scorching trail of fire.

Like all Brawlers, Stu’s super attack replenishes with the damage he deals, which seems to recharge fairly quickly. With that in mind, Stu often has a super attack ready to go, which can be used to kick the ball with extra force. Its gadget, Breakthrough, also allows players to break through walls while dealing damage along the way.

3 Darryl is a tank with a generous amount of health

Darryl's Stats from Brawl Stars

Darryl is another tank that has good health and can be a deadly force close-up. Even at power level one, he inflicts 2400 damage if his two rifle shots strike the enemy. Her super, Barrel Roll, also recharges over time and deals damage.

When using his super, enemies are knocked back as Darryl accelerates in one direction. This is useful in Brawl Ball as he can quickly rush to save shots or rush to gain ground. Besides these characteristics and his high health, he is one to watch out for if Darryl is part of the enemy team.

2 Gale can knock back enemies when attacking

Brawl Stars Gale Statistics

Gale is the first Chromatic Brawler and was introduced in Season 1. He shoots enemies with a wall of snowballs, which also slows enemies once players unlock his star power, Freezing Snow. His super is great for fending off enemy brawlers who could be lethal at close range.

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Enemies caught in Gale’s super attack are fiercely knocked back and will also drop the ball in Brawl Ball. Its recently added gadget, Twister, creates a small tornado that will push back enemies that attempt to pass. This is great for defense and will prevent enemies from getting the ball into a player’s goal.

1 Max can circle enemies

Brawl Stars Max Statistics

Arguably the fastest brawler in the game is Max. She has fast movement speed while her super, Let’s Go, gives her and her nearby teammates a temporary speed boost. In a game mode where speed matters, Max is an essential brawler for Brawl Ball.

Not only can she give her team a useful boost, but Max’s basic offense has four hits instead of three. Max also has a fast reload speed, which gives him more ammo to work with. When players get her star power, Super Charged, her super also charges while she walks the map.

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