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The best revenge is to be different from the one who inflicted the injury.“-Marcus Aurelius

Yeah, I know. It’s not Dennis Miller, Lloyd Christmas, Wayne gretzky or words from Dispatch mode. This is not a movie quote, song lyrics, or episode of Seinfeld. No Saturday Night Live sketch here. So very discordant of me. Touch.

I feel asymptomatic today. I think I’ll get tested.-Joe Pajek

A quote from a 2nd century Roman emperor has caught my attention several times in the past, but has been dismissed.

the Bison tickets mixed up in some run by both the running backs and the quarterback. The games made after the capture seemed to go without saying. The Bills didn’t come out trying to match that of New England successfully throwing the ball just three times several weeks ago.

“Yes it doesn’t matter who WINS or loses, so why do they keep SCORE.“-Vince lombardi

Buffalo played his mark of football. Great defense and the Josh allen postman. Two other thoughts on this subject. Isaiah McKenzie is for real. Oh yes. Mac Jones is not Tom Brady.

“It’s really cool to feel wanted by the fans.-Josh Allen

In one-seven, we have confidence.“-Harrison phillips

WOW. Bills fans flocked to the airport in droves to greet the Invoices. Few called him a Super Spreader, but they did. Grumpy. Grumpy. Grumpy. Negative Nellies. Debbie Downer. STANLEYS NEGATIVE. Point done.

Everyone had a good time.

“Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude will determine how you go about living your life.. “-Joel olsteen

What we know about the Buffalo Bills this week:


After the Invoices big win, they improve their record to 9-6. They take first place in the division because they have the tiebreaker advantage over the Patriots with the best division record.


Josh allen passed over 300 yards for the sixth time this season. He also threw three touchdown passes.


Isaiah McKenzie caught 11 balls for 125 yards and a touchdown. This gave Cole beasley time to rest from his runny nose.


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