Bulldogs have a multi-talented quarterback room with Trosclair on Sunday – Port Arthur News


NEDERLAND — Two players have snapped as quarterbacks for the Bulldogs and both could be on the field at the same time when Nederland takes the field next month.

Head coach Monte Barrow said Adam Trosclair Jr. and Aidyn Sunday bring different elements to the offense.

Trosclair is 6’4″ and more of a pocket passer, while Sunday excels on the run.

“Aidyn is working in other positions in attack and defense,” Barrow said. “He’s very athletic. He works safety for us on defense. He’s worked quarterback. He can also play running backs and receivers.

Barrow said the two did well at quarterback during summer practices, but the coach would like to have a solid plan on who’s going to be where on the field as soon as possible.

Both players have earned the respect of the young team.

Barrow hasn’t ruled out the possibility of every quarterback taking snaps behind center in 2022 and potentially in a game, depending on the situation.

“I prefer that we find out, as soon as possible, how we will be the best team,” he said. “If I had to say right now it would probably be having them both on the pitch in some capacity, no matter what. We’re maybe the best team if Adam is the guy, because that allows us to place Aidyn somewhere else. That’s another position that’s solidified for us, wherever he plays. At the same time, knowing how important that position is, we want to see early on how we’ll be the best team.

Both players have skills and abilities that provide offsets for defenses and allow the Bulldogs to cook up creative plays.

“Adam has been to other places as well,” Barrow said. “He just works as a quarterback for us, but with his size he can be a problem. In the red zone, in particular, it is a matchup problem for the teams. As a defensive coordinator, listening to our guys talk about it, when you have a quarterback who can do different things, that’s more work than the defenses have to do that week.

The real advantage of having gadget plays is the fact that the defense has to spend time counting them. Even if it only takes a few minutes for a defensive coordinator to come up with a game plan, it’s an advantage for the offense who might not even use the game.

Nederland will have two scrums and three out-of-district games to get an idea of ​​the best direction for their attack. The Bulldogs’ first scrimmage is on August 12 against Hamshire-Fannett at Bulldog Stadium.


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