Buy cell phones, gadgets? 4 reasons why you should add to cart with Globe


MANILA, Philippines – If you asked someone years ago about shopping online, you’d probably get answers like “Legit ba yan?” or “Paano ba yan nagwowork?” due to his unpopularity at that time.

A few years and a pandemic later, Filipinos have developed a newfound love and confidence for shopping online, especially for homewares, clothing and accessories. It has become so popular that even old-timers now know and use terms such as ‘budol’, ‘cash out’ and ‘add to cart’.

However, do we get the same convenience and satisfaction in shopping online when we buy high-end products like gadgets? Or does buying devices from stores or kiosks still provide a better overall shopping experience?

With all the advancements in the way businesses run their online stores, buying devices online can indeed be as good, if not better, than in person.

1. Convenience in timing

We all hate one thing about physical shopping: long lines.

Not only does it waste time, but it also disrupts our schedules, especially when we have other things to do. It even leads us sometimes to rush our transactions and neglect important things.

With online stores, there is no compromise on your schedule and you have more control over your time. Just open the website and you will no longer need to queue or make an appointment to complete your transaction.

Some stores like even lets you complete your device purchase with just a few taps or clicks on any device you own, anytime and anywhere.

2. Latest availability information, devices and offers

Another misfortune that could occur while shopping in a store is queuing for how many minutes, only to find out that the device you wanted is not available.

One of the many advantages of online stores is that you won’t have to experience them anymore, because the website always provides you with the latest: the latest devices, the latest information and the latest offers available.

For example, Globe’s online store ensures that there is no compromise on your online shopping experience by giving you access to the latest phones available in their stores.

With just a few clicks, you can access Globe’s huge selection of devices, including best-sellers, online-exclusive devices, and those with freebies. It also tells you immediately if the device you are looking at is available or out of stock.

3. No compromise on the plan you need

Thought you could only customize your postpaid plan inclusions in-store? Well, you can also do it online.

Online stores like allow you to always build that plan that fits your needs, just like you do in stores. This ensures that customization is always guaranteed for postpaid customers and that online shoppers always have more options to suit their usage.

4. Receive your device as soon as possible

One thing that we particularly like when we buy devices in stores is that we can get them immediately after buying them. But some online shops can now also deliver your devices quickly and free of charge.

By making delivery quick and easy, buying your devices online could also save you hours and pesos of having to travel to process your purchase. This perfectly complements the overall hands-on experience promised by Globe Postpaid.

From finding devices to customizing your plan and purchasing, all you have to do is wait for your device to arrive. You can complete all of this quickly, online, and without having to leave home and queue at the mall.

Convenience without compromise

While Filipinos are already appreciating the convenience of online shopping more, our sigurist instincts always come into play (and rightly so) when it comes to buying high-end products like a new phone or laptop. We are careful not to get scammed and waste our money, which is why some still prefer in-store transactions to online purchases.

To, trust and convenience are not mutually exclusive, and Globe Postpaid believes there should be no compromise in this regard. They need to go hand in hand when purchasing devices online, and stores need to be able to offer customers the peace of mind to deliver a truly convenient shopping experience.

That said, it is essential that you only buy gadgets from verified and reliable online stores like you are assured not only of a completely convenient shopping experience, but also that your devices and your hard-earned money are in good hands.

Buying appliances online from Globe brings value in many ways: from saving time to getting exclusive offers and fast deliveries. There is no compromise on your shopping experience. On the contrary, it gives you even more freedom and control.


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