Buyers say this clip-on colander makes meals quick and easy


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Sometimes preparing an elaborate meal in the oven or on the stovetop seems like the perfect way to spend an evening. But, on days when it’s so hot that the air conditioning can’t keep up, the thought of heating the kitchen can seem daunting. That’s why pasta dinners are a summer staple, because they’re quick to make and won’t amp up an already hot (and uncomfortable) room. And when you want a meal to be even easier, the Auoon Clip-On Colander from Amazon is convenient.

The clever attachment makes it easy to make one-pot pasta dinners. Instead of pouring hot, boiling water into another laundry item, simply clip this simple silicone strainer onto your pan and pour the liquid down the sink. Then you can add your favorite sauce and toss to coat the hot pasta for an easy warm-weather (and kid-friendly) dinner. This time-saving kitchen tool is also on sale now for up to 40% off at Amazon.

To buy: Auoon Clip-On Colander, $12 (originally $20) at

The colander is made with a sturdy yet flexible silicone, so it can fit most round pots, bowls and pans. You simply attach the two clips to the pot, press the strainer down so it’s flush with the inside, then. lift the taut part up so it’s ready to grab your pasta. It’s heat resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and comes in colors like green, red, black, orange, and blue to match your style.

This affordable colander has over 4,500 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers, with users claiming it makes draining everything from pasta to potatoes a breeze. “The thing to have,” we wrote. They added: “This is by far the best little gadget I have in my kitchen. It fits easily in any pan and my big bulky colanders are no longer of any use.”

Many also noted that its slim design saves space and its dishwasher-safe body is convenient to clean. “It’s especially good if you already have stuff in the sink and no place to put a colander in the first place,” a user said. Another added“It stores easily with your pans, is easy to use and fits firmly in the pan. Ideal for campers, [since it’s] smaller than a colander.”


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