Carry1st Shop offers Huawei Points


The Huawei Points virtual currency that can be used for in-app purchases is now available in South Africa at the Carry1st store.

Carry1st, the pan-African game developer, has partnered with Huawei to enable the purchase of points in South Africa for the first time. Consumers can purchase points through over 90 payment methods and can take advantage of a discounted rate in the Carry1st store. Huawei Points are a virtual currency sold and managed by Huawei and can be used for in-app purchases within Huawei apps available in Huawei Mobile Cloud, AppGallery, Huawei Video, Huawei Music, Huawei Themes and Game Center.

The AppGallery gaming community is growing rapidly and users will find an increasing range of options for making in-game purchases with Huawei Point. With the discounted pricing, users will also get better value for in-app purchases by using Huawei Points in games such as Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Gardenscapes, Fishdom, and Angry Birds 2.

The discounted rates, valid until September 30, 2022, offer customers 10% off Huawei Points when purchasing a Huawei Points gift card from the Carry1st store. Users can get up to R120 off the price of a gift card.

How to Redeem a Huawei Points Gift Card

Redeeming points is easy and simple. On a Huawei device, go to Settings > Account Center > Payment and purchases > Huawei Points > Redeem to top up a Huawei Points account with Huawei Points cards obtained through purchases or as gifts.

Huawei has also made it easier to check its Huawei Points balance. In the wallet application, which is pre-installed on Huawei phones using EMUI 3.0 or newer, click on the bottom of the coin and enter the coin center. This shows how much has been earned and how much can still be spent.

The Carry1st store has made digital products accessible across Africa. It hosts digital vouchers for the world’s most popular mobile apps, lifestyle, entertainment and gaming content, as well as a range of utility products such as prepaid airtime and electricity vouchers .

Carry1st has partnered with leading fintech companies like Paystack and Safaricom to offer the best payment methods across Africa on the store. Payment options include using crypto payments, as well as Chipper Cash and Ozow.


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