Charge all your gadgets at once with this 6 in 1 USB power hub


Power strip with USB-C ($ 12.99) from Amazon.


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Today I’m on any beat that produces stories about surge protectors. Speaking of which, this 6 in 1 USB power hub ($ 9.89 from Amazon with promo code NH7NPFXD) might be the most exciting multi-socket tool we’ve seen since Zap trap. Providing high-speed charging for smartphones, laptops, tablets and more, this rugged power strip uses smart IC technology to deliver optimized fast charging speed for your electronic devices.

Power strip with USB C – 4 USB ports (1 USB C), 2 power outlet extension cords, 5 foot braided cord


$ 12.99

With two power outlets, three USB-A ports, and one USB-C port, convenience doesn’t end with the charging capabilities of this 6-in-1 power hub; the low profile 45 ° flat plug easily fits in hard-to-reach places like behind the bed or behind that odd cabinet that seems to lead to Narnia.

Compact, portable and powerful, this 6 in 1 USB power hub ($ 9.89 from Amazon with promo code NH7NPFXD) uses built-in short circuit protection to charge your devices safely.


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