Chicago Bears 2022 Mock Offseason Part 3: Freeman’s Mock Draft 2.0


With free agency now in full swing, to wrap up my Chicago Bears Mock Offseason 2022 series, it’s time for my second Bears draft of the year.

Before I dive into the details of this simulation, I should first touch on a few moves the Bears have already made and how those impact this offseason simulation as a whole. Clearly, the Bears’ biggest decision in the past two days has been to trade Khalil Mack to the Los Angeles Chargers in exchange for a second-round pick this year and a sixth-round pick this year. next year. To go along with the additional draft capital in this year’s draft, the Bears will also get increased salary cap space from what I originally expected with a contract restructuring. This won’t change my overall plans for the draft and free agency, however, we have to consider that the Bears will likely add more edge depth now to go along with the signing I got from ‘Al-Quadim Muhhamad.


Another trade the Bears made recently that I didn’t have in the first two sections of this fiscal year was the release of Tarik Cohen as opposed to a pay cut. This makes perfect sense given that Cohen is likely in poor health at this point and giving both sides a clean break before free agency. Replacing Cohen, the Bears picked up Darrynton Evans on waivers who should fill a similar role to Cohen as an explosive back who can contribute to special teams.

Now that that’s settled, let’s move on to the dummy draft.

For my second draft, I decided to do some things differently this time around. Although I kept it the same when it comes to using the Pro Football Focus fictional draft simulator, where this fictional draft differs is in progress, allowing me two trades down. This will give us an idea of ​​the business options available to Ryan Poles to add more project capital to work with on his first project leading the team as Managing Director. I did my best to make the trades as realistic as possible, using the Rich Hill chart as a benchmark to evaluate each individual draft pick.

So without further ado, let’s dig into this fake draft.


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