China asks Tencent to submit new apps and inspection updates before uploading: report


China has demanded that Tencent Holdings submit any new apps or updates for inspection before they can be downloaded after a number of its apps have been found guilty of violations, Chinese financial media Yicai reported on Wednesday.

Yicai, citing anonymous sources, said the Chinese social media and games giant was required to do so by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) after some of its applications went down. are found to have infringed the rights and interests of users.

He also said MIIT recently issued a notice stating that between November 24 and December 31, all mobile apps and their updates will need to undergo a review of approximately seven days before they can be uploaded to stores. applications.

Tencent said its apps remain functional and available for download in response to reports from Yicai and other local media.

“We are continuously working to improve the user protection features within our applications, and also regularly cooperate with relevant government agencies to ensure regulatory compliance. Our applications remain functional and available for download,” the company said.

Over the past year, Chinese regulators have staged a sweeping crackdown on its tech giants, seeking to dismantle some of the industry’s long-standing practices after accusing them of monopolistic behavior and violation of user rights. .

This has included an intensification of controls on mobile applications by regulators. On November 3, MIIT ordered 38 apps from companies, including Tencent’s, to rectify the excessive collection of personal information.

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