CI Nageshwar Rao’s case suspended in Hyderabad raises questions over abuse of power


Hyderabad: The case of now-suspended Hyderabad Police Inspector K Nageshwar Rao who was suspended for allegedly raping, attempting to kill a woman after breaking into her house in Vanasthalipuram and then kidnapping the victim and her husband, if true, would be the latest case of abuse of power by police officials.

The victim aged around 30 in his complaint to Vanasthalipuram Police alleged that in 2018 a case was filed against her husband, Hyderabad Task Force Police arrested him and the case was is investigated by Nageshwar Rao. After being released on bail, Rao hired the man to work in his farm located in Adibatla at the monthly salary of Rs. 10,000, after six months it was increased to 15,000 per month and he worked for a year and half.

The victim’s husband told the media that he was ‘forced to work’ in the field by the inspector, who was involved in a ganja drug case.

“When the inspector tried to misbehave with me at one point, I informed my husband who spoke to the inspector and he apologized to him. Later an SI and constables came to my house in Vanasthalipuram and took my husband to the Task Force office. They took photos and videos of her husband forcibly placing packets of ganja in his hands and threatened to register a fake file if my husband tried to inform Rao’s family members about his sexual advances,” the victim told police.

The height of the misuse of official facilities is the inspector illegally tracking the cell phone and finding out the location and movements of the victim’s husband whenever he wants. After researching the details and confirming that the gadget was somewhere around Yacharam in Ranga Reddy district, the inspector went to the woman’s home in Vanasthalipuram on Thursday night where he allegedly raped the woman. However, the woman’s husband had handed over his gadget to the children asking them to use it and came without the phone to his residence in Vanasthalipuram, taking the inspector by surprise. He then threatened the couple to kill during an encounter.

A senior police official said the phone tracking option is only available to inspectors and officers who hold higher ranks and only after getting permission from the DCP ranking officer. In the task force and SOT teams, since the teams are investigating important cases, the inspector contacts the mobile service provider’s nodal agents directly and gets the details. “It is not for personal use at all. Department action will be taken if taken in such cases,” the official said.

What is more surprising is that the inspector openly threatens the couple to leave Hyderabad otherwise he would book a brothel case against them and later take them by force in his car to Ibrahimpatnam to kick them out of the city. Along the way, they encountered an accident near Lake Ibrahimpatnam in the early hours of Friday and in the melee the couple escaped from there and returned to town.

Over the past six months, the inspector has made headlines for a variety of reasons. During the first week of April, while working as an inspector for Task Force North Area, he raided a pub at the Raidisson Blu Hotel in Banjara Hills where cocaine was allegedly found and seized the drugs. The high-profile case was widely reported as the children of a few wealthy businessmen and Tollywood personalities were captured.

After the case, Nageshwar Rao got the job of Banjara Hills SHO – a highly sought after and powerful/rewarding position in the city of Hyderabad. In the third week of April, the inspector again made headlines when he brought a case against 69 people, including the main defendant TG Vishwaprasad, son of TG Venkatesh’s brother, a former minister of State and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party Rajya Sabha of neighboring Andhra Pradesh, for an alleged attempt to seize a prime property adjacent to the Andhra Pradesh Gems and Jewelery Park in the upscale hills of Banjara.

The property, measuring around half an acre, is valued at over Rs 100 crore. Allegations and counter-allegations have been made against both sides, with TG Venkatesh accusing the police of acting with bias.

According to the police, dozens of people from Kurnool descended on the earth. TG Venkatesh, the BJP Rajya Sabha MP for Kurnool in Rayalaseema, has denied any involvement in the case.

In one instance, Nageshwar Rao, while working as Inspector Task Force (North), detained a BMW car belonging to a businessman. Following court orders, he was seized by the court-appointed lawyer and produced in court.


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