Cool gadgets to make travel easier, safer and more fun


Going on a trip doesn’t mean you have to leave all the conveniences of your favorite tech at home!

Many gadgets will allow you to bring technological conveniences while making your travel adventures easier, safer and more enjoyable. Some will even help you improve how you capture all those memorable moments.

Gadgets that make travel easier

Packing for any trip is a challenge. Space is limited, whether you travel by plane, train or road. Compression cubes squeeze out all the extra air so you can fit more items in your luggage. Plus, they separate belongings by type, owner, or day, whichever best suits your needs. With all that extra space, you might want to consider a portable luggage scale to make sure you don’t pay extra for an overweight bag.

One of the most common travel headaches is getting lost. Car mounts hold your phone and GPS map on the dash where they’re easy to see. GPS watches will show you the way on the trails and away from home. And, for visits to foreign countries whose language you don’t speak, digital translators are a gadget well worth the small investment to get directions and other travel needs!

Being away from the comforts of home is a challenge. Luckily, items like travel irons and portable travel coffee makers allow you to bring some of those comforts with you. Since many tech gadgets rely on power and Wi-Fi, you can ensure you never go without by bringing along a solar phone charger and Wi-Fi hotspot.

Gadgets that make travel safer

Protect yourself and your items with these handy gadgets. A water purification bottle allows you to drink safely whether in the woods or if you are unsure of the quality of local tap water. Portable safes are secure bags that keep valuables locked away in your bedroom or in public places like the beach.

Do you want the same sense of security that your home alarm system provides? These portable door alarms will notify you if someone tries to enter your hotel room or rental property, and some even act as a door jam.

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Gadgets that make traveling more fun

Anyone with kids knows the need for entertainment on long car or plane trips. But these entertainment devices are also fun for adults! Bring the game with you with these phone controllers that turn your phone into a remote control. You don’t have to leave your favorite streaming channels at home with portable streaming devices from Roku, Amazon, Apple and more. Plus, tablet holders keep devices secure for rear viewing and gaming.

For your music entertainment, noise canceling Bluetooth headphones offer high-quality wireless options. Or, if you want to share your music with others, Bluetooth speakers bring the music party to the living room, beach or pool. They’re also great for listening to podcasts or boosting the volume when streaming on portable devices.

Gadgets to improve your travel photography

Selfie sticks eliminate all those awkward photos at arm’s length. Instead, use these extension sticks with remote controls or Bluetooth to capture the perfect photo or video. Go-pros have made action cameras popular, but they’re not the only game in town anymore! Ready to capture your action-packed vacation on camera? Features to consider include battery life, image quality, stability, and waterproofing.

While having fun, traveling takes us away from our comfort zone and our objects. New technological gadgets can make our lives easier and more enjoyable. Plus, technology designed specifically for travel helps us feel more at home wherever we are in the world.


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