ctc: Ctc Shocker: 1.35 crore of gadgets stolen in 3 months | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: A trading establishment at Chenoy Trade Center (CTC), which has ties to a popular e-commerce company, was left in shock when electronic gadgets provided by it were resold at the shopping complex.
This happened when the e-commerce company reported a supply shortage to the Hyderabad-based supplier. During an internal investigation, the business establishment discovered that between September and December, some people in the supply chain stole gadgets worth 1.35 crore.

In December, CTC’s gadget supplier had filed a complaint with the Central Crime Station (CCS) in Hyderabad, which is still investigating to identify the gadget thief in the supply chain.
Anandit Infotech India Private Limited (AIIPL) has been selling SSD RAMs, motherboards, keyboards and graphics cards on a popular e-commerce platform for three years. At the request of the online platform, a third-party agent would pick up the products from the supplier before they are transported to the e-commerce warehouse. When the products were picked up, in accordance with the shipping procedure established by the e-commerce company, this was done via the company’s website. Delivery challans, sticking stickers and others were generated from the website.
“However, in September, we received for the first time a communication from the e-commerce platform that there was a shortage. In October, we received another communication that once again there is there was a shortage and this time the missing quantity was higher. In November it went up again. Meanwhile, a few of our stolen gadgets were brought to the CTC to be resold by someone,” said Parag Sheth, Accountant at AIPL.
They lost 4,262 boxes valued at 1.35 crore.
When AIIPL representatives probed the person who was in possession of the missing gadgets, they discovered that several people in the supply chain were allegedly involved in the racketeering.
Later, they approached CCS officials, who were still collecting documents from companies involved in the logistics. Still, police have yet to identify who and how the gadgets were stolen.


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