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As of January 7, many Dash kitchen appliances have been on sale on Amazon. Discover our selection and embellish your breakfasts in 2022.

If your resolution in 2022 was to start eating breakfast, we’ve got you covered. As of January 7, Dash has been offering deals on tons of kitchen appliances that will make your first meal of the day the best.

Get up to 44% off cute, compact gadgets like egg cookers, toasters, toaster ovens and hotplates. We recommend picking up a few for a full brunch experience any day of the week.

Check out the full Dash sale (including all color options) on Amazon.

OUR CHOICE : Fast egg cooker – $ 16.90 (save $ 13.09)

Let’s face it: poaching eggs is tough, but with this Dash Fast Egg Cooker, you’ll never have to worry about swirling water, adding vinegar, and carefully dipping an egg again. . This useful gadget comes with accessories that allow you to make perfect poached eggs, omelets, hard boiled eggs, and boiled eggs. This means that you can have fancy homemade brunches with minimal effort every weekend.

Credit: Dash

We love a multi-functional kitchen gadget, and this Dash hot plate fits the bill. It is the perfect tool for an American style breakfast with pancakes, hash browns, eggs and bacon, but it can also be used for burgers, carne asada, fondant sandwiches, au cheese and more.

Electric hot plate with breakfast food on it

Credit: Dash

Quick and healthy breakfasts are the name of the game with this sous vide egg maker. With nine individual egg cups, you can make personalized mini omelets for the whole family in under 10 minutes. It’s also great for people on a keto, paleo, or low-carb diet, and it can be used for a variety of desserts. Mini cheesecakes, do you like it?

Black Family Size Egg Bites Maker

Credit: Dash


If your household is a group of one or two, you can still make sous vide style egg bites. This mini egg bite maker version of Dash cooks up to four egg bites or a sandwich-sized egg at a time. Add your favorite vegetables, meats or cheeses and a healthy breakfast will be ready in a flash.

Light blue egg pricking machine next to a plate of egg bites

Credit: Dash

Never burn your toast again with this open-view toaster. The glass window is perfect for checking the toast level of your bread, and it also works for waffles, bagels, and other baked goods. Its compact size also makes it ideal for small kitchens.

Black toaster with viewing window

Credit: Dash

Normal ovens take forever to preheat and cook food, but toaster ovens are infinitely more convenient. This Dash toaster oven has a spacious 12 gallon capacity and can cook up to four slices of bread or a nine inch pizza at a time. It reaches up to 450 degrees and has easy to use settings that let you select the temperature, time and type of cooking.

Black toaster oven

Credit: Dash

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