Deep Rock Galactic has a new season with a robot nemesis


Galactic Deep Rock takes the frenetic action of a four-player co-op shooter like Left 4 Dead, then adds a ton of sci-fi gimmicks to the mix. Players are a gang of midgets in a late capitalist space mining team, and it takes the whole team working together to survive the jobs they do. The next season of the game, called Rival Escalation, adds a terrifying new murderous robot, new secondary weapons for each class, and an update to the game’s cosmetic system.

The gesture of Galactic Deep Rock takes place on Hoxxes IV, a planet laden with valuable minerals and other loot. Unfortunately for players, it’s also teeming with hordes of hostile insects and deadly robots. Rival Escalation adds a deadly new robot nemesis that will show up to hunt down dwarves – and if you get too close, you risk getting caught in its claws.

Dwarven miners, who can choose one of four classes with their own abilities and duties, have additional firepower on their side to diversify their playstyles. Each class gets a new tool; for example, Gunners have a new Coil Gun that can blast through solid rock, while Drillers have a Wave Cooker that literally heats up enemies in its path. These weapons come with upgrade trees and cosmetics, so players can mix, match, and tweak the finer details to create their favorite battle kit.

Developer Ghost Ship Games carefully crafted the game’s DLC and cosmetics to be relatively rewarding and avoid FOMO. Players can purchase the Robot Rebellion DLC pack to wear a bunch of armor scavenged from Season 1 enemies, and the shop is updated to accept a new currency called Phazyonite which can be found in the mines or by advancing through the levels of cosmetic mastery.

There is also a season pass; players can participate in any mission to upgrade the season pass and unlock special cosmetics or bonus items. Players who missed Season 1 can obtain these items through Cargo Crates and Hidden Packs in the Mines, as well as in the Shop at a later date. Season 2: Rival Escalation launches April 28 on Steam and May 5 for Xbox and PlayStation players.


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