Don’t Waste Your Money: Online Shopping Scams


(WHTM) – As you rush to shop for these hot toys and gadgets over the next few weeks, beware!

Scammers are lurking everywhere, as a woman in Hebron, Ky. Just found out after paying $ 500 for an Xbox that never showed up.

Linda Ross wanted to buy the Xbox for her teenage son. It was full everywhere, except for one seat.

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“I found a site, ‘Gaming Spot and Electronic’, and they said they had one in stock for the $ 500 everyone was asking,” Ross said.

It looked like Gamestop. The only problem, the site’s support team wouldn’t take credit cards or PayPal.

“He said we have to pay through this cash app, called Zelle,” she added.

So Linda paid $ 500 in cash, only to receive a text saying something else.

“He told me I had to send an additional $ 500 to have him released for insurance reasons,” Ross said.

Furious, she demanded a refund. But, she got no response. It’s increasingly common during the holiday season, with shoppers desperately looking for sold out items.

But take a closer look at the “Gaming Spots” website. At one point the business is “electronic”, at another it is “electronic”.

They even misspelled “Gaming” with two N. While claiming to be in Los Angeles, their phone number changed to “call rejected”. The site did not respond to our email either.

So how do you protect yourself?

Sara Remember of the Better Business Bureau says that, in this case, a search would have found numerous complaints about no product being delivered.

“We always recommend the company to Google with the words ‘complaint’, ‘scam’ just to learn about the experiences of other consumers,” Remember said.

Most importantly, she says never pay a famous website with the equivalent of cash.

“We don’t recommend paying with a debit card or digital wallet like Venmo,” Remember added.

So check these online sellers carefully. On the Better Business Bureau website and a general search on Google. So don’t waste your money.


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